Council meeting was held on the 9th of March 2022 in the E1-06 auditorium of TAMK main campus. The meeting’s agenda included updates from the council’s chairpersons and board members, a council members resignation request and a statement of Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu Oy’s board election.


  • The Council’s spring meeting will be held on the 5th of April 2022 at 4 pm. (spring meeting’s date is was changed but on the 5th of April 2022, there will be a meeting at 4.30 pm.)
  • New bulletins from Tamko’s board can be read on Teams
  • TR3fest is coming

Updates from the council’s chairpersons and teams

The council’s chairpersons have attended to board meetings, taken part in organization of events, attended Principal’s morning coffee meeting, harassment contacts’ training sessions and social media days. The chairpersons have also prticipated in a meeting for the chairpersons of SAMOK’s other councils and WWF training seminar in Pori.

The council’s teams intended to plan something program for the council this spring. Communications team has taken a picture of this year’s first in-person meeting and updated it to Tamko’s social media channels.

Updates from the board

In addition to their meetings, the board has coordinated various events and training sessions, participated in the principal’s morning coffee meeting, WWF training seminar in Pori, and social media days. Working groups for accessibility and cooperation with the city have also held meetings recently. Among other tasks, the events sector has been planning this year’s anniversary celebrations, TR3fest, and Wappustartti. Peer tutor and degree tutor trainings have begun. Student associations and clubs have partaken in their respective training evenings. Tamko has been involved in the feedback sessions of different study fields. Tamko has also taken part in the #tältänäyttääopiskelijanelämä campaign.

Tommi Leskinen’s resignation request from the Council

Tommi Leskinen from the Insinöörit list has asked for a resignation from the council. Joona Mäntynen has taken Tommi Leskinen’s place in the council.

Official statement on Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu Oy’s board election

The council was presented with a proposed statement regarding Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu Oy’s board elections for approval. The proposal was discussed in the meeting, and some necessary amendments to the statement were made. The revised statement was then approved by the council.

Save the dates!

Next council meeting will be held on 5th of April at 4.30 pm.

Council statutory spring meeting’s date is changes and the new day will be informed later.