The meeting of the Representative Council was held on 5th of April 2022 at the main campus of TAMK in auditorium E1-06. At the meeting we caught up with the Council chairpersons and members of the student Board, decided on the date of the spring meeting and decided to get a roll up banner for future events.


  • Council of representatives’ stand on 4.4.
  • Training of security guards 1.-10.4.
  • TAMK spring event 13.4.
  • Wappustartti 14.4.
  • Tamko’s evening 19.4.
  • Wappumetri 20.4.
  • Tosi siistiä! May Day campaign 29.4.
  • SAMOK Extra Union Assembly 21.6.
  • New meeting notices available!

Updates from the council’s chairpersons and teams

Chairpersons has attended Board meetings, Principal’s morning coffee meeting, TR3fest and the Kopteri-training for tutors in youth centre Marttinen.

The recreation, culture and sport team held a stand with the Chair of the council at the main campus of TAMK. The stand was used to raise the profile of the council and to inform students about the Council.

Updates from the Board

In addition to the meetings, the board members have also attended the Principal’s morning coffee meeting, and have been in youth centre Marttinen to hold the Kopteri training for future tutors. The new Executive Director has been briefed on their duties. Tamko participated in almost all the feedback events that were held. The advocacy sector has had an awful lot of work. Communication has created a nice amount of content for TikTok, and new content is on the way. The examination board has also met. Tr3fest took place with a decent amount of participants.

Date for the Council’s spring meeting

The date of the spring statutory meeting has changed a few times due to other factors. The Spring Meeting of the representative council will take place on Wednesday 20.4.2022 at 10 am.

Roll up banner for the Council

The Council will need its own roll up banner for future events. It will be decided to budget and start planning for a roll-up for the Assembly.

Save the date!

The next Assembly meeting will be the regular spring meeting on Wednesday 20 April 2022 at 10am.