Council meeting was held on the 10th of October 2022 at the main campus of TAMK in auditorium E1-06. The meeting agenda included updates from the council’s chairpersons and board members, deciding SAMOK’s federal assembly’s participants and decided the statutory autumn meeting’s date.


  • The Council election’s candidate layout ends on 11.10.
  • Anniversary party on 15.10.
  • The Council election’s electronic voting starts on 26.10.
  • The Council election’s ballot box day & electronic voting ends on 9.11.
  • The Central election commission announces the possibility for candidate layout’s extension
  • Tamko’s stand on 10.10. at TAMK main campus

Updates from the council’s chairpersons and teams

The Council’s Chairpersons has e.g. participated in board meetings and morning and evening schools, Principal’s morning meet-up, Tursajaiset, social media days, written an anniversary blog post and helped the board in various tasks.

Teams had nothing new to report.

Updates from the board

In addition to the board meetings the board have been involved in e.g. holding stands at events. The Gateway to Working life and the mobile student card have kept the board busy. There have been various working group meetings, e.g. regarding urban influence and updating the political program. Stakeholder groups have been met and joint work planned. In the field of events, e.g. Annual parties, tasting events and sitsis are planned. Student club GLOBE and a few new community clubs have been assisted in starting their activities.

Tamko’s Council election commissions filling

Election officers are needed for the Council election’s ballot box day on 9th of November for election commissions. The Council decided on the persons to be presented to the Council election commission. The Council election commission makes the final decision on the officials and familiarizes them with their duties.

SAMOK’s federal assembly participants

The Union of Student Unions SAMOK will organize a federal assembly this year in Tampere at TAMK’s main campus. The Council’s chairpersons, Tamko’s board and Mona Ristikartano will participate in the SAMOK’s federal assembly.

Tamko’s financial overview

The Chairperson of the board Joonas Soukkio presented Tamko’s financial situation for the current year to the Council.

Other things that come up

The Council presents to the Central election commission that the council election nomination period is extended.

Save the dates!

Next Council’s meeting date will be decided later via Teams.

The Council’s statutory autumn meeting will be held on Monday 14th of November 2022 at 4pm.