A Council meeting was held on the 9th of May 2023 in auditorium E1-09 of TAMK’s main campus. The Council discussed, among other things, changes in the composition of the Council, discussed the employment contract of Executive Director and planned future elections of the Council.


  • Syysfest 5.9. Tickets on sale.
  • Tamko’s Tursajaiset 6.9. The Council will join the event.
  • sub-association’s harassment contact person’s contact information has been updated to Tamko’s website.

Updates from the Council’s chairpersons and teams

The Council’s Chairpersons has e.g participated in board’s daily activities in different kind of meetings. Chairpersons shared information about the Council to new tutor trainees in Kopteri-tutortraining event.

The amusement, culture, and exercise team has arranged common grouping night for the Council and to The Board.

Communication team has continued updating on social media and makes the activities of the Council always more visible.

Updates from the board

In addition to meetings, the Principal’s morning coffees and evening schools, the board has been participated to various events, visited Proakatemia and Mediapolis, and spent a recreation evening with the employees. The board has also met with Minister of Education Li Andersson. Board’s Chairperson have participated in The Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. On the tutoring side, the trainings have been completed. The actors of the board have participated in the feedback meetings for all fields of education, which are important in terms of safeguarding students’ interests.

Changes in the composition of the Council

Jukka Hulkko from the SoTen Valitut Palat -list and Hanna Ojaniemi from Oikeisto-opiskelijat list have been completed their studies in the spring, and therefore cannot continua in the Council. In place of Jukka Hulkko will be promoted the next deputy member of the SoTen Valitut Palat -list’s Eli Törmä. Mikko Wrightson has been promoted to a full member of the Oikeisto-opiskelijat list. The priority order of the deputy members has also been updated.

Employment contract of executive director

Tamko’s executive director Tomi Hyppänen has resigned from his position on 21st of April 2023. According to his wishes, the last day of his contract in Tamko is 14th of May 2023. Henna Ruostila has acted as substitute for Hyppänen’s study leave. Ruostila’s fixed-term employment contract is valid on 31st of December 2023. After discussing and voting on the matter, the Council decided to open an recruitment for the position of executive director. Increasing the openness and transparency of operations emerged as justifications. The board will decide on the detailed recruitment schedule in the fall.

TCR-palvelut Oy general meeting

The general meeting of TCR-Palvelut Oy, owned by Tamko and Campusravita Oy, has been organized on 17th of May. The general meeting decides on the approval of the financial statements and the granting of discharge from liability, the remuneration of the board of directors and the selection of owners’ representatives to the company’s board of directors. The board of representatives has decided to appoint Tamko’s board chairperson Linda Vallenius and executive director Henna Ruostila as the general meeting representatives. At the same time, Linda Vallenius is nominated as chairperson of the board of TCR-palvelut Oy.

Updating election regulations

Tamko’s election regulations are the document guiding the organization of the Council elections. The election regulations were lastly updated in 2019. Due to unclear points, the document needs to be reviewed. The Council decided that the Central Election Board will update the election regulations and present it to the Council at the first meeting of the fall semester.

Planning the Council elections

Tamko’s Central Election Board is responsible for organizing the Council elections. Under their leadership, the representative council has discussed and planned the autumn representative council elections. It was announced that ballot box elections will not be held this year. The Central Election Board has set the date of the elections as 18.10. – 8.11. and the candidate selection is from 5.9.-3.10.