Tamko Topics 3/2024

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

1. Gateway to Working Life next week!
2. Tamko’s Talvitursajaiset afterparty
3. Advance voting in presidental elections begins this week
4. Apply for exchange studies now!
5. Career week has started
6. Welcome to Parvi, all students!
7. Nyyti Chat

1. Gateway to Working Life next week!

Next week is your chance to find yourself a summer job, place for internship or company to make your thesis for? Come to Gateway to Working Life event!

Over 100 companies will arrive to TAMK main campus lobby, and you should too!
Event hours are 10am – 2pm during all three days and the event is free.

Gateway to Working Life event days:

23.1. Social services and health care, Business administration and hospitality management
24.1. Technology and ICT
25.1. Technology

There will be also free CV-photoshoot, CV-clinic and interesting seminars at the event, welcome!

2. Tamko’s Talvitursajaiset afterparty

The year has changed and that means that Tampere has new students! It’s time for the Tursas herders to go to work and herd the lost Tursas’ into student life. So now it’s time for Tamko’s 5th Tursajaiset goes winter!

The afterparty of the Tursajaiset goes Winter 2024 will be held on 19th of January at 10pm to 5am. The venue is Bricks! Advance ticket to the afterparty costs 3 € for Tamko’s members and 6 € for non-members and at the door. Tickets include cloakroom fee.

Tickets are being sold at Kide.app: https://kide.app/events/4e540a4a-18e2-41ed-83f1-fb40dca4e565
At the afterparty, the fastest will also receive the Tursajaiset goes winter overall badge!


All events of the Student Union Tamko are completely harassment-free and no harassment or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated. Harassment contact persons can be reached at email address hairintayhdyshenkilot@tamko.fi.

If you would like more information about the accessibility of the event, please contact saavutettavuus@tamko.fi

3. Advance voting in presidental elections begins this week

Student, be sure to vote in the presidential election!

First round of the presidential election begins this week. By voting, you are influencing who will serve as president for the next six years. All Finnish citizens who turn 18 on election day 28 January 2024 at the latest are entitled to vote.

In the presidential election, you can vote for any candidate. In advance voting, you can vote at any polling station. All you need is a passport, ID card, driver’s license or other photo ID. Advance voting will be held in Finland on 17.-23. January and abroad on 17.-20. January.

You can read more about the presidential elections on the Elections website: https://vaalit.fi/en/presidential-election

4. Apply for exchange studies now!

The application period for outgoing exchanges for the autumn 2024 semester has started! There are (about 300 exchange) study places available all-around Europe and in some destinations outside Europe.

The application time ends on 22 January 2024. Please send your application in through the SoleMove system on time.

Remember that you can get an Erasmus+ grant as a contribution to your travel and subsistence costs. 

Questions about student exchanges?
Stop by at the Student Mobility Services desk, office hours from Tue–Thu at 12–14, room B1-12b. 

Read more in intranet: https://intra.tuni.fi/en/content/news/54125

5. Career Week has started!

During Career week, you have a chance to prepare for job hunt. You’ll get to learn how to convince an employer with expertise portfolio or video CV, what are the most important things to understand when you apply for work in Finland, and how you can get the most out of using LinkedIn. Events and workshops will be held mostly at TAMK’s main campus. There will be activities both in English and in Finnish.

You are warmly welcome to join one or all of the events – and bring your friend, too. For international students, Career Boost Clinic by International House Tampere is especially designed for you so don’t miss out! 

See the full programme and join: https://intra.tuni.fi/en/content/news/54115

6. Welcome to Parvi, all students!

Welcome Spring 2024 and new semester – welcome to Parvi, all students!

Even birds fly in a flock – Don’t fly solo either!
TAMK Parvi offers wellbeing and support services, peer support, and encounters with others, so that no student would have to feel alone. In the Spring 2024 multiple Sparris- study skills workshops will be organised again alongside with communal activities and expert walk-in sessions and PopUp- events. Parvi provides support for all students! 

All Parvi activities for Spring 2024, both on campus and online, can be found on Parvi’s calendar. Feel free to connect with us also on Instagram @tamkparvi!

You can read more about the Sparris- study skills workshops on the Study Skills– website.

7. Nyyti Chat

Nyyti’s Chat

Nyyti’s Chat is a place for sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

This group chat is meant for all students over the age of 18. Chat is anonymous. There will always be Nyyti’s volunteers or employees at the chat with you. Always remember to behave according to the principles for a safer space. Chats are held in English on Tuesdays from 6 to 8pm on Nyyti’s website.

By clicking the chat title, you get more information about the chat.

30 January 2024  How to find a summer job?
27 February 2024  Self-criticism and sense of insufficiency
26 March 2024  Studying and stressing
23 April 2024  Rasicm & mental health
28 May 2024  Can I find my position in working life?
11 June 2024 FRom dystopias to utopias

More information about chats on our website.

8. Pyjama PISTOT

It’s time for the first PISTOT parties of the year!
Take your pyjamas and nightcaps with you and join us at slumber party! 

There will be patches available for the fastest ones to arrive!

The doors open at 21:00 and stay open until 05:00!

Tickets go on sale on Kide.app on Thursday, january 18th. at 10 o`clock

WHEN? Thursday 25.1. from 21:00 to 05:00
WHERE? Restaurant world: Koskikeskus Ranta & Poro
HOW? Tickets are 4€ in advance / 6€ at the door. 0€ with Bilepassi (!note, free ticket must be redeemed!)


PISTOT is organized by TTO ry, TIRO ry and PIRATE ry

All PISTOT events are completely harassment-free and no form of harassment or discrimation is accepted. PISTOT parties include trained anti-harassment contact persons Netta (hairinta.netta@ttory.fi), Teija (pistot@tiro.fi) and Mila (hairinta.mila@piratery.fi)