Tamko Topics 17/2023

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

1. Tamko wishes everyone happy wappu!
2. Check out the upcoming events from Tamko’s event calendar
3. Tursaspassi returning event TODAY! TURSASPASSI STAMPS
4. Top 3 student discounts of the month!
5. Overpaid student financial aid can be payed pack during April 2023 
6. Student feedback becomes more interactive! 
7. Campusravita’s exceptional opening hours for restaurant and cafes in the spring
8. SportUni introduces new 90 days SportUni fee

1. Tamko wishes everyone happy wappu!

Wappu is here and Tamko wishes everyone happy wappu times!

Good to remember during wappu:

  • Take care of you and your friends
  • There are a lot of Wappu-events happening around the city and many events are also interdisciplinary, meaning all students in Tampere University community can attend
  • Although there are many events, there is no need to participate in everything. Choose your favorite events and participate according to your own well-being.
  • Good bubble drinks are also available without alcohol!
  • Remember that wappu is a state of mind, and you can celebrate it in any sort of weather.

The staff in our office will also be celebrating wappu on Monday, May 1st, and our office will be closed then.

2. Check out the upcoming events from Tamko’s event calendar

Tamko’s event calendar gathers all sorts of student events for you! 

You can find mainly TAMK’s student associations, clubs and other stakeholders’ event’s from the calendar. We update the calendar every week. 

You can find the calendar from Tamko’s website: https://tamko.fi/students-union/culture-leisure-activities/events/ Currently the calendar is filled up with Wappu / May Day events!

Select ‘English’ from the bottom of the calendar as an active language, and the calendar will show you all English-language events.

3. Tursaspassi’s returning event TODAY!

The time has come to return your Tursaspassi!

Let’s figure out who deserves the Mighty Tursas and Boss Tursas prizes this year and who has earned the title of Active Tursas.

Tursaspassi returning event is held at Solu’s front yard TODAY Monday 24.4. at 10am-2pm.
You can get the last stamps and grill sausages from there and of course, return your Tursaspassi and wish for the win!

Everyone who returns Tursaspassi and has at least 15 stamps which includes 5 stamps from events gets and overall patch + participate in raffle!

See you at Solu!

4. Top 3 student discounts of the month!

1. Tallink Silja

Ti di di di diiii. If you book now, how soon would you be on your way?
A day in Tallinn – cruise from 29€ / person
22h-cruise from Turku -20% / cabin

Valid with the code TS138545 until 22.12.2023.
Read more and book a trip: https://www.opiskelijantampere.fi/fi/alennus/107/tallink-silja-ti-di-di-di-diiii/

2. Ice Hockey World Championships 2023

Students now have a unique opportunity to purchase tickets for selected preliminary round matches at a special price of 12,50€

The advantage applies to the following matches in the preliminary round:
Sun 14.5. at 12.20 p.m. USA – Hungary
Sun 14.5. at 20.20 Sweden – Austria
Tue 16.5. at 16.20 Denmark – Austria
Wed 17.5. at 16.20 USA – Austria
Sun 21.5. at 20.20 USA – France

The matches will be played at Nokia Arena.
Students are also warmly welcome to the hall wearing overalls. Grab tickets for the spring home games from the link below. Student tickets on sale until 11.5.2023 or as long as there are enough tickets. Tickets from lippu.fi

3. Kumma

Continuous discounts with a valid student card: red and white wine 25 € / bottle.
-10% of all wines and main courses on the menu, as well as -2 € for all taps!


5. Overpaid student financial aid can be payed pack during April 2023 

Students whose 2022 income exceeds the annual limit can return overpaid financial aid payments by the end of April. If the student does not repay the overpaid financial aid by the end of April, Kela will recover the overpaid amount increased by 7.5%. 

If you suspect that your income exceeds the  annual income limit in 2022: 

  • Check your income and annual income limit for the calendar year 2022. You can do it in the OmaKela e-service or by calling Kela’s customer service 
  • If your annual income exceeds your annual income limit and you have been a student throughout the year 2022, you should return student financial aid. 
  • Financial aid payments can be returned online in OmaKela e-service. 

6. Student feedback becomes more interactive! 

In student feedback and feedback discussions students has wished for teachers’ answers to student feedback and to get a wake-up message when the answer to feedback has been published. 

We have actively taken the student’s wish forward and now a wake-up message has been added as a new feature to the system after the teacher team has published an answer to the feedback. It has also been hoped that more midterm feedback would be used during the course. In the future, when the midterm feedback starts, a wake-up message will be sent to the students. 

Feedback and response to feedback is important, so remember to give feedback and also check what kind of answer you’ll get. 

Read more about the feedback system: https://intra.tuni.fi/en/studying/university/making-difference-tampere-universities/feedback-education 

7. Campusravita’s exceptional opening hours for restaurant and cafes in the spring

The renewal of Campusravita’s lunch lines begins and for this reason there will be some exceptions.

  • During the renovation the lunch is served on G-building. You can also buy coffee, tea and other goods from there.
  • In the summer lunch and cafeteria items are available at G-building Mon-Fri at 8.30-14. 
  • CampusCafe (C-building) and CampusShop are open until the end of May.  

Due to the renovation, Campusravita’s lunch area in the B-building is closed and there is no passage through there. During this time, the passing goes through the service street (B-1)

8. SportUni introduces new 90 days SportUni fee

SportUni introduces a new price for sports services. Now you can also buy a 90-day SportUni fee.

The fee is valid 90 days starting from the payment date. If you have a valid payment period when paying the fee the 90 days will be added to the end of this period.

Spring term 1.1.2023-31.7.2023

Tamko members 54€/ Staff and other students 71€

90 days from payment date

Tamko members 41€/ Staff and other students 53€

One visit fee 6€.

From 1 Aug there is also available prices for whole year and autumn period.