Welcome to the Council´s meeting on 9th of May 2023 at 16 pm in the auditorium E1-09 of TAMK´s main campus. All members of Tamko can attend the meeting. In the meeting Council goes through current affairs.

It isn´t possible to attend the meeting remotely.

The meeting will be held in Finnish.

Meetings agenda:

§73 Opening of the meeting
§74 Organization of the meeting and state the council´s present
§75 State of the meeting legality and quorums
§76 Approve the meeting agenda for order of business
§77 Announcements
§78 Council chairperson´s news
§79 Board news
§80 Changes in the Council’s line-up
§81 Contract of employment of Tamko’s Executive director
§82 TCR-Palvelut Oy general meeting
§83 Updating the election regulation
§84 Contemplation of the Council election
§85 The orther emerge things
§86 Next meeting´s date
§87 Closing of the meeting