Tamko Topics 16/2024

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

1. Overall Hangouts TODAY!
2. Vappu events
3. Wappustartti on Wednesday
4. Share good – charity event
5. Tursaspassi returning party 24.4.
6. Welcome to Council’s annual spring meeting
7. European elections panel 23.4.
8. Nurinperin -fest!
9. MiehenTila support and counceling for men

1. Overall Hangouts TODAY!

Come and sew your overalls patches on for the Vappu!

Today at Tamko’s Hangouts we will be sewing overall patches together! So take the pile of unstitched patches with you and arrive at Solu from 17 onwards. Or come just to hang out with us if sewing isn’t for you.

Like always, the sauna is also heated, so please bring your own sauna accessories.
The event is free, alcohol-free and we offer some sweets!

See you at Hangouts!

WHAT? Overall Hangouts 
WHEN? TODAY 15th of April at 5pm 
WHERE? At Solu’s sauna 
PRICE? Free! We offer some snacks!  

2. Vappu events!

What Vappu-events there are? All of these and much more!

We gathered here a few Vappu events at TAMK!
You can attend all of these events in English regardless of your field of study!

15.4. Overall Hangouts – Tamko
15.4. Wappu Accessory Workshop – Sekava
17.4. Share good charity event – Tamko
17.4. Wappustartti – TIRO, TTO, PIRATE & Tamko
18.4. Picnic Sitsit – Tarina 
20.4. Wine Yoga – PIRATE

22.-26.4. Pahoinvointi Week – SoTaKone, SOPU & Kuisti
23.4. Shot Adventure – TTO
23.4. XXL Beer Pong Tournament – Sekava
24.4. Tamko’s Cake Tasting – Tamko
26.4. TIRO’s Simanhakureissu – TIRO
27.4. PIRATE’s Wappu Picnic – PIRATE
27.4. TTO’s Wappu Picnic – TTO

Tampere is a student city and therefore there are still a huge number of Vappu events outside of this list. You don’t have to take part in everything, you can choose what you want to and have energy to take part in. Remember that vappu drink of your choice can be non-alcoholic also!

Grab your overalls and celebrate Vappu!

3. Wappustartti on Wednesday!

It’s time to get into the Wappu spirit!
Wappu, oh how we love it, is the best time for students! The year has flown by, and once again, we’re organizing the traditional Wappustartti with TTO, TIRO, PIRATE, and Tamko on April 17th from 4 pm to 8 pm at Ratinanniemi.
Join us to enjoy the lively stations organized by clubs and student organizations, offering diverse and fun activities. Wander around the stations in groups of up to five and gather unforgettable experiences! Upon arrival, you’ll receive your performance passport from the info tent.
Once you’ve collected eight stamps from different stations, you can claim your fabulous Wappustartti overall patch. But that’s not all – the info tent will also feature fantastic raffles and additional activities guaranteed to boost your Wappu spirit!
And the Wappu celebration doesn’t stop there – the festivities continue at Viihdemaailma Ilona!
Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Come and experience Wappu at its best – full of fun, friendship,
and unforgettable moments!
WHAT: Wappustartti by TTO, TIRO, PIRATE & Tamko
WHEN: April 17th, from 4 pm to 8 pm
WHERE: Ratinanniemi
COST: Day event is free, afterparty tickets available on Kide.app

4. Share good – charity event

Did you find unused candles, batteries or oven mitts during your spring cleaning? What’s useless to you, could come in handy for someone else!
We are organizing the Share Good charity event, where you can help fellow students by bringing items you don’t need. In return, you can take what you need. The Share Good event is a way to help students who are in a tight situation financially and of course encourage recycling!
Charity event at TAMK’s lobby on 17.4. at 10–14
On the day of the charity event, you can still donate items and take what you need – for free!
What to donate?
At Share Good, we accept home supplies, tools and other basics such as flashlights, kitchen tools, toilet paper, appliances, cleaning supplies and much more. The goods have to be unused or in great condition.
What? Tamko’s Share Good charity event 
When? 17.4. 10–14
Where? At TAMK’s lobby (Kuntokatu 3, Tampere)
Got questions? Contact Riina Ahvenus, communicationsrep@tamko.fi

5. Tursaspassi returning party 24.4.

The time has come to return your Tursaspassi! Let’s figure out who deserves the Mighty Tursas and Boss Tursas prizes this year and who has earned the title of Active Tursas.

Tursaspassi returning event is held at Solu’s front yard on Wednesday 24.4. at 10am-2pm.
You can get the last stamps and we will be serving grill sausages too! So come and return your Tursaspassi and wish for the win!

Everyone who returns Tursaspassi and has at least 15 stamps which includes 5 stamps from events gets and overall patch + participate in raffle!

See you at Solu!

ps. The official deadline for the return is 30.4., and you can collect stamps until then if you don’t want to hand out the passport in returning event. You can drop the passport to black mailbox in front of our office, if the office is closed.

6. Welcome to Council’s annual spring meeting

All Tamko members are welcomed to Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences annual spring meeting!

Meeting takes place on Friday 26.4..2024 at 13:00 at TAMK main campus E1-11 classroom.

At the spring meeting we will go through among other things: financial statement, annual report and releases from responsibilities of the year 2023.You can see the full agenda on Tamko’s website.

Please note that the meeting is held in Finnish.

7. European elections panel 23.4.

You are warmly welcome to TREY’s European elections panel that will be organized in the Väinö Linna -hall of the city center campus on 23 April from 14.00 to 16.00. The main topics of discussion in the panel will be internship compensations, the climate and environment policy in the EU and increasing the Erasmus+ budget to support student mobility.

The panel discussion is held mainly in Finnish. The panel participants are:
Joonas Soukkio (Keskusta)
Henriina Rantala (Kokoomus)
Marika Visakorpi-Kemppainen (Kristillisdemokraatit)
Joonas Kiviranta (Perussuomalaiset)
Emilia Kangaskolkka (SDP)
Lauri Lindén (Vasemmistoliitto)
Julia Sangervo (Vihreät)

Tamko is ogranizing the panel with TREY and encourages TAMK students to come or tune in TREY’s Instagram livestream!

More info on the event: https://trey.fi/en/community/events-calendar/european-elections-panel-2024

8. Nurinperin -fest!

Nurinperin -fest is happening for the first time, are you ready?
Set your sights on May and come experience a cultural extravaganza at a student-friendly price!

Nurinperin -fest brings you theater and circus arts with a low threshold, taking place at Juhlatalo Tapiola on May 10th. The event is alcohol-free.

We will get to enjoy amazing shows from UniDance and Hehkumahku! Maybe a couple surprise performances also!

Events schedule and other details will clarify later on at our Instagram page @nurinperinfest.

WHAT? Nurinperin -fest
WHERE? Juhlatalo Tapiola
WHEN? May 10th at 16:00 till 20:00
TICKETS? https://kide.app/events/838b8612-b040-45ad-b534-cbe416f0eb16

We don’t serve any food at the event, but you can bring small snacks if needed. Note that the event is alcohol-free.

In the event we follow safe space guidelines. If you come across any kind of disturbing behavior you can contact any of our staff or our VETO-clubs harassment contact by email vera.vuorio@tuni.fi

9. MiehenTila support and counseling for men

MiehenTila-project is for higher education male students aged 18-29.The project offer peer support and individual counseling. Everything is free of charge and you can participate anywhere from Finland.  

Individual counseling is for who want to talk about their issues. The purpose of individual counseling is to ponder your life situation, feelings and thoughts together with MiehenTila personel.

MiehenTila-peer support groups are for higher education male students, aged 18-29, who are willing to share their experiences about coping and enhance their mental wellbeing. You´re welcome to join the peer support group as yourself, no matter what´s your life situation. Participation doesn’t require a diagnosis, trauma, or crisis, just a need to talk is more than enough.

Both individual counseling and peer support groups are in Finnish.

You can sign up from here:

Peer support groups: https://q.surveypal.com/Uusi-MiehenTila-vertaisryhmiin-ilmottautuminen–kevat-2024

Individual counseling: https://q.surveypal.com/Yksiloohjauksen-ilmoittautumislomake-2024