Tamko Topics 15/2023

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

1. Students’ Mental Health Day- event 19.4.
2. Apply for Tamko’s harassment contact
3. Tamko’s Loppumetri 20.4.! TURSASPASSI STAMP
4. Few days left to collect Tursaspassi stamps! 
5. Welcome to Council’s statutory meeting TURSASPASSI STAMP
6. SyysFest is coming up!
7. OP Tampere at main campus 20.4.

1. Students’ Mental Health Day-  event 19.4.

Students’ Mental Health Day- event is happening at TAMK’s main campus on Wednesday 19.4.

Next week’s Wednesday a group of different organizations will gather in the lobby of the main campus to celebrate the Students’ Mental Health Day. The main theme of the event this year is moderation. We encourage you to pause at the excesses in your own life and think about how you can moderate your own life.

Come and see what fun activities there will be!

WHERE?: at TAMK’s main campus, Teiskontie side lobby
WHEN?: on Wednesday 19.4. from 11.00-14.00  
WHY?: Because students’ mental health is important!

2. Apply for Tamko’s harassment contact

We are seeking new Harassment Contact Persons for the Student Union! 

Tamko has Harassment Contacts who provide help and guidance for students who have experienced disturbance in any form. Harassment Contacts do not document any of the cases and they have full confidentiality. Bullying, inappropriate or discriminating behavior are taken seriously in TAMK and Harassment Contact Persons are supporting students in these kinds of situations. 

Harassment Contacts are regular students of TAMK and new contact persons will be trained for the part. Tamko´s Board member and employee are supporting Harassment Contact Persons. We encourage students from diverse backgrounds to enroll for this role.

If you are interested, send your application on this application form: https://lomake.tamk.fi/lomakkeet/34538/lomake.html

Application period is open until Sunday 23rd of April 2023. All applicants will be noted after this time.

Read more about the Harassment Contacts from http://tamko.fi/en/tamko-harassment-contacts

3. Tamko’s Loppumetri 20.4.!

Aahh yeaah time for the hottest party of this spring it’s Tamko’s Loppumetri! It’s time to sing, dance and party when the doors to Ilona open on Thursday 20th of april at 21pm. Take your friends and festivity with you because this school year ending party is something you don’t want to miss!

And the night won’t be boring when on the stage of Ilona rises Stepa! The ”voice of northern finnish rap” will make anyone feel good and have fun.

Didn’t get an overall patch from Alkumetri? No worries! There’s enough patch to fill in both those events!

The event takes place in Ilona on the 20/4/2023, and the doors will be open from 9 pm till 5 am.
Tickets for the event are available on Kide.app NOW: https://kide.app/events/c5102d3b-c2c4-4799-b354-eb52feccddf9 Preordering the ticket costs €4 for Tamko’s members and €8 for non-members and tickets bought at the entrance are priced at €10. Preordered tickets have their own queue to Ilona all the way till 12 am.

Loppumetri is the official after party for TTO’s, TIRO’s and PIRATE’s Wappustartti!

!    All Tamko’s events are strictly free of harassment. We have trained harassment contacts at Loppumetri, so if you face any kind of harassment during the event, please do contact harassment@tamko.fi.

!    If you want more information about the accessibility of the event, please contact accessibility@tamko.fi.

You can get a stamp to your Tursaspassi by attending!

4. Few days left to collect Tursaspassi stamps!

Tursaspassi’s returning day is getting close, and there is still time to collect few stamps! 

Tursaspassi returning event is held at Solu’s front yard on Monday 24.4. at 10am-2pm. You can get the last stamps and grill sausages from there and of course, return your Tursaspassi and wish for the win!

Everyone who returns Tursaspassi and has at least 15 stamps which includes 5 stamps from events gets and overall patch + participate in raffle!

Here are couple tips where you can still get the stamp for Tursaspassi:

Tolu’s weekly sports 11.4. and 18.4. at 17-18.30
– Stamp to: Tolu’s weekly sports

LASERTAG / Antura and Tarkka 12.4. at 18.45
– Stamp to: Participate in Tamko’s club’s event

PISTOT 14.4.
– Stamp to: Participate in Tamko’s student association’s event / PIRATE ry’s event

TARE’s Ku**ibingo 19.4. at 19
– Stamp to: Participate in Tamko’s student association’s event

Wappustartti 20.4. at 16.20
– Stamp to: Participate in Tamko’s student association’s event / PIRATE ry’s event

Tamkon Loppumetri 20.4. at 21
– Stamp to: Tamko’s Loppumetri

Pahoinvointiviikko 24.-28.4. 
– Stamp to: TASO ry’s event / Kuisti ry’s event / SOPU ry’s event / Participate in Tamko’s club’s event

5. Welcome to Council’s statutory meeting

Welcome to Council’s statutory meeting on the 19th of April 2023 at 16.00 at TAMK’s main campus in room  E1-09. All Tamko’s members are welcomed to join. In the meeting Council goes trough current and statutory affairs.

The meeting will be held in finnish.

By taking part in the meeting you can get stamp for your Tursaspassi.

Meeting’s agenda will be released later to Tamko’s website.

6. SyysFest is coming up!

Opiskelijan Tampere’s and Särkänniemi’s SyysFest is here again!

See Tampere upside down in X and be prepare for the last drop in Log River! SyysFest is the best way for students to get to know the pride of Tampere, Särkänniemi Theme Park and the park is reserved only for students! So find your overalls, invite friends to come along and have the most awesome night in the rides!

When: Tuesday 5th September 16−21
Where: at Särkänniemi, Tampere
Tickets: sale starts on 13.4. at Kide.app
Price: tickets 15 € + Kide.app service fee 0,50 €

Ticket sale begins on Kide.app this Thursday!

7. OP Tampere at main campus 20.4.

Meet OP Tampere banking specialists on campus!

Let’s have a chat about banking and insurance topics at TAMK’s main campus lobby on Thursday 20.4. at 10-14. Take part in lottery and enjoy Kismet chocolate bar!

See you soon!

8. PISTOT 13.4.!

The best interdisciplinary monthly student party in Koskikeskus Ravintolamaailma. PISTOT is organized by TTO, TIRO and PIRATE.

The next PISTOT will be held on April 13. from 21:00 to 05:00.
Performer is the great Petri Nygård.

So buy tickets and come join the party!

For more information:
Instagram: @pistotofficial
Facebook @pistottre
Tickets from Kide.app

You can get a stamp for your Tursaspassi from PISTOT!