Tamko Topics 14/2024

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

1. Students’ mental health day event
2. Share good charity event
3. Overall Hangouts
4. Wappustartti 17.4.
5. KampusKirppis at TAMK main campus
6. How are you doing? Answer the survey if you have gotten the invite!
7. April at Parvi
8. All Stars PISTOT
9. Sote Virtual Lab open doors

1. Students’ mental health day event

Students’ Mental Health Week is approaching and this year it will be held on 8.4–15.4. Students’ Mental Health Week is a campaign which highlight students’ mental health situation and build a more mental health-friendly study culture.  

This year’s theme is equality and especially social accessibility. Tamko is organising a fair on TAMK’s main campus during the Students’ Mental Health Week on Wednesday 10.4. at 10-14.The fair aims to highlight the themes of the Mental Health Week and sub-associations and other wellbeing organisations will be there too! Join us!

2. Share good charity event

Did you find unused candles, batteries or oven mitts during your spring cleaning? What’s useless to you, could come in handy for someone else! We are organizing the Share good charity event, where you can help fellow students by bringing items you don’t need. In return, you can take what you need. The Share good event is a way to help students who are in a tight situation financially and of course encourage recycling! 

Pre-donation stand at TAMK’s Lobby on 9.4. at 11–13 
At the pre-donation stand, you can bring your donations that we will give out at the charity event. Items, that are in great condition, find new homes and a new meaning in students’ day-to-day lives. 

Charity event at TAMK’s Lobby on 17.4. at 10–14 
On the day of the charity event, you can still donate items and take what you need – for free! 

What to donate? 
At Share good, we accept home supplies, tools and other basics such as flashlights, kitchen tools, toilet paper, appliances, cleaning supplies and much more. The goods have to be unused or in great condition.

What? Tamko’s Share good charity event  
When? 17.4. 10–14, pre-donation stand on 9.4. at 11–13  
Where? At TAMK’s Lobby (Kuntokatu 3, Tampere)

3. Overall Hangouts

Spring has begun, which also means that the First of May is approaching very quickly. What would be the easiest way to get your overalls in order when you arrive at Hangouts. In Hangouts in April, we sew overall patches in preparation for the upcoming the First of May celebration or you can also come just to hang out.  

So arrive at Solu’s sauna on 15.4 from 5 pm. The sauna is also heated, so please bring your own sauna accessories. The event is free, alcohol-free and we offer some sweets. 

See you in Hangouts 

WHAT? Overalls Hangouts 
WHEN? 15th of April at 5pm 
WHERE? At Solu’s sauna 
PRICE? Free! We offer some snacks!  

4. Wappustartti 17.4.

It’s time to get into the Wappu spirit! 

Wappu, oh how we love it, is the best time for students! The year has flown by, and once again, we’re organizing the traditional Wappu Startti with TTO, TIRO, PIRATE, and Tamko on April 17th from 4 pm to 8 pm at Ratinanniemi. Join us to enjoy the lively stations organized by clubs and student organizations, offering diverse and fun activities.

Wander around the stations in groups of up to five and gather unforgettable experiences! Upon arrival, you’ll receive your performance passport from the info tent. Once you’ve collected eight stamps from different stations, you can claim your fabulous Wappu Startti overall patch. But that’s not all – the info tent will also feature fantastic raffles and additional activities guaranteed to boost your Wappu spirit!

And the Wappu celebration doesn’t stop there – the festivities continue at Viihdemaailma Ilona! Tickets for the afterparty are available on Kide.app starting from April 8th 12:00 Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Come and experience Wappu at its best – full of fun, friendship, and unforgettable moments! 

WHAT: Wappu Startti by TTO, TIRO, PIRATE & Tamko
WHEN: April 17th, from 4 pm to 8 pm 
WHERE: Ratinanniemi 
COST: Day event is free! Afterparty tickets available on Kide.app April 8th 12:00 https://kide.app/events/fa6ebec0-10a4-419f-9aab-55a82053cb65

5. KampusKirppis at TAMK main campus!

Kampuskirppis is flea market event for everyone at main campus in C1 lobby and C1 Stage also!

Come as buyer or book a table to sell your stuff from the link below:

So TAMK main campus on Monday 8.4.2024 from 10 to 15 at C1 lobby and C1 Stage! (next to Campuscafe)

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

6. How are you doing? Answer the survey if you have gotten the invite!

How are students doing? The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) is inviting university students from all over Finland to a survey on their health, wellbeing, ability to study and use of services. The results will be used to improve student services such as healthcare, sports services and student catering.

How can I participate in the survey?
•    12,000 will be randomly invited to the survey, and they will receive the invitation by email.
•    The respondents will be 18–34-year-old Bachelor’s or Master’s level students at higher education institutions across Finland.
•    The study will be carried out as an online questionnaire. Filling in the questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes.

The survey involves partners such as the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS), the Social Insurance Institution Kela, the Ministry of Education and Culture, National Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (SAMOK) and the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL).  

For the participants: https://thl.fi/en/research-and-development/research-and-projects/the-finnish-student-health-and-wellbeing-survey-kott-/for-kott-survey-participants
About the survey: https://thl.fi/en/research-and-development/research-and-projects/the-finnish-student-health-and-wellbeing-survey-kott-
Intra news: https://intra.tuni.fi/en/content/news/55243

7. April at Parvi

April is here and Spring is in the air! 
After Easter, it’s back to work again.

In April, Parvi will offer the following Sparris workshops and other activities:

  • 2.4 (EN) Tips for Reading, Parvi B1-24, at 15-16
  • 10.4 Parempi Mieli- Support Point can be found in Service Street, in PopUp-space B1-58, at 10-12!
  • 16.4 FinFami offers information and support for those whose loved ones have mental health issues as well as students with professional interest in the field. Come and find out more, PopUp-Space B1-58 at 11-13
  • 3.4, 10.4, 17.4 & 24.4 Finnish language clubs, at 15-16.30
  • 25.4 Study ability counsellor Elina at Mediapolis, at 13-15.30
  • 25.4 Job search clinic, Parvi B1-24, at 13-15

Don’t forget – in week 15 (8.-14.4) Students’ Mental Health Week is celebrated across different campuses in Finland!

Don’t fly solo – join Parvi!

8. All Stars PISTOT

Now we’re separating the stars from the chaff! Join us for a night of stars and sports! The All Star PISTOT party is here! Get ready for an unforgettable evening in the glow of the stars, where the spirit of sports shines all night long. Don’t stay on the sidelines, join the crowd and showcase your star potential!

In the evening we’ll be partying in the rhythm of Juna and Juomalaulu as Spekti arrives to entertain the partygoers! 

There will be patches available for the fastest ones to arrive!

The doors open at 21:00 and stay open until 05:00!

Tickets go on sale on Kide.app on Thursday, April 4th, at 10 o’clock

WHEN? Thursday 11.4. from 21:00 to 05:00
WHERE? Restaurant world: Koskikeskus Ranta & Poro
HOW? Tickets are 5€ in advance / 7€ at the door. 0€ with Bilepassi (!note, free ticket must be redeemed!)


PISTOT is organized by TTO ry, TIRO ry and PIRATE ry

All PISTOT events are completely harassment-free and no form of harassment or discrimation is accepted. PISTOT parties include trained anti-harassment contact persons Netta (hairinta.netta@ttory.fi), Alina (hairinta.alina@tiro.fi) and Joona (hairinta.joona@piratery.fi)

9. Sote Virtual Lab open doors

Open doors in the Sote Virtual Lab and pop-up in the Teiskontie lobby on Wednesday 3.4.2024, at 12.00-16.00.

Come and say hello to Pepper the robot when Sote Virtual Lab pop-ups in the Teiskontie lobby. Continue to the lab and try out various wellness and health technology devices, such as the Oura smart ring or HoloLens headset. Brainstorm how you could use the lab in your studies or teaching – regardless of your field of study. You might even find a topic for your thesis or a joint project of multidisciplinary students related to your studies.