Tamko member, get student discounts in Slice!

Slice is Finland’s largest student benefits service and it is free for Tamko members!

All Tamko members can get thousands of student benefits in different locations, lots of discount coupons and a mobile student card, all from one app, Slice.fi! See the instructions on how to activate Slice below:


  1. Join Tamko and search your email for the message from Slice

When you join as a Tamko member you will need to add your student number in your information. If you haven’t done this yet, you can change your member information here. Once you have added the student number, you will receive activation code to your TUNI email. This email message has your username and activation code. Please check your junk mail also.

2. Download the Slice app

Slice.fi must be downloaded to your mobile device from the app store. A mobile device can be a smartphone or tablet, such as an iPad. However, you can only sign in to Slice on one device.

3. Log in to Slice with your username and activation code

Once the Slice is installed, after opening the app, the user will see a login page. Sign in using the username and activation code you received in your email. You can only sign in to one phone with your code. Select a student member as the type.

4. Accept the permissions requested by the app

Give the app all the permissions it requests, as well as permission to access photos from your phone. Otherwise, the student card cannot be formed. In the app you will find thousands of local and national student benefits throughout Finland. Be sure to take advantage of the benefits actively, and you will get great benefits and significantly save money.

5. You can find your student card from the side menu

After logging in, the Slice homepage and menu will open. Tamko’s student card can be found in the menu located in the upper right corner.

The student card is only visible if the student is a member of Tamko and has the right to a degree at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The student must also be present during the semester. It is worth noting that graduating in the middle of the semester will disable the card, as the right to study will then have expired.

User information such as name and date of birth will automatically appear on the card. The student card also always shows how long it is valid. Typically, the card is valid for the whole semester if the student is a member of Tamko, a degree student who has registered as present. At the end of the semester, the card will expire unless Tamko’s membership is renewed for the next semester.


I forgot my ID / cannot find them. How do I get new IDs?

Enter your email at Slice.fi/resetoi and you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to subscribe to the new code.

I am Tamko member but I haven’t recieved email from Slice, what to do?

Make sure that you have added your student number to Tamko’s member register. If not, you can change your member information here. After that you should receive email from Slice which has your username and activation code. Please check junk email too.

Who can use Tamko’s student card in Slice?

You are entitled to the card if you have the right to study at TAMK and you have paid Tamko’s membership fee. Attendance in the semester is required.

Why doesn’t my student card show up when it should?

The student card can sometimes temporarily stop working if Slice’s connection to the university’s system / membership register has been lost for some reason. In most cases, problems are fixed quickly. The student must be registered as present for the semester and a member of Tamko in order for the card to be displayed. If the card does not work, although it should, you can contact Tamko toimisto@tamko.fi.

How do I change my picture to a student card?

Slice will retrieve the picture to your student card directly from Tamko’s member register. This means that you can’t change the picture in Slice, it’s the same as on your physical student card.

I bought a Tamko membership. When will my card appear in Slices?

Slice receives information about your membership through the membership register. Once your information has been added to the membership register, it will take a few days for the information to be updated in the Slice and the card will start to appear.

The card is about to expire. How do I update my card?

Slice always receives up-to-date membership information from Tamko’s member register. All you need to do is renew your membership with Tamko as usual, and Slice will be informed.

Does graduation affect my student card?

Yes. According to the criteria of Kela, VR and Matkahuolto, the student card stops working as soon as the right to study ends, even if Tamko’s membership has been paid for the whole year. The right to study ends, for example, on the day of graduation. The same rules apply to traditional physical cards.

Slice’s student card is officially approved by Kela: https://www.kela.fi/ateriatuki