Vappu events

What Vappu-events there are? All of these and much more!

We gathered here a few Vappu events at TAMK!
You can attend all of these events in English regardless of your field of study!

15.4. Overall Hangouts – Tamko
15.4. Wappu Accessory Workshop – Sekava
17.4. Share good charity event – Tamko
17.4. Wappustartti – TIRO, TTO, PIRATE & Tamko
18.4. Picnic Sitsit – Tarina 
20.4. Wine Yoga – PIRATE

22.-26.4. Pahoinvointi Week – SoTaKone, SOPU & Kuisti
23.4. Shot Adventure – TTO
23.4. XXL Beer Pong Tournament – Sekava
24.4. Tamko’s Cake Tasting – Tamko
26.4. TIRO’s Simanhakureissu – TIRO
27.4. PIRATE’s Wappu Picnic – PIRATE
27.4. TTO’s Wappu Picnic – TTO

Tampere is a student city and therefore there are still a huge number of Vappu events outside of this list. You don’t have to take part in everything, you can choose what you want to and have energy to take part in. Remember that vappu drink of your choice can be non-alcoholic also!

Grab your overalls and celebrate Vappu!