Tamko Topics 46 / 2020

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

How to publish in Tamko Topics? If you wish to publish news considering students and student life in Tamko Topics, send it via email to Tamko’s Communications expert at topicsiin(at)tamko.fi. Deadline for the material is Wednesday for the next week’s Tamko Topics.


  1. The results of Tamko’s Council Elections
  2. Enroll now for degree tutoring!
  3. Tamko’s office is open only by appointment until the end of November
  4. Tamko’s board’s open meeting and traditional evening 11.11.
  5. Mailing of your academic year sticker
  6. Tamko member, use Pivo!
  7. Tamko is looking for a cleaner!
  8. Self-Hack workshop January 2021
  9. Dear student, how are you doing? Annual student feedback
  10. Students’ health care service numbers in coronavirus questions

1. The Results of Tamko’s Council elections

The results of Tamko’s Council Elections 2020 can be found from tamko.fi/council/council-elections

Congratulations for all the candidates and to all the voters. In this year’s council elections the voting percentage was 18,45% and all in all 1345 students voted in the elections. Thank you!

2. Enroll now for degree tutoring

Enrollment for degree tutoring is still on! Enroll here until 15th of November: https://bit.ly/2GtMX8W


You can visit our offices during office hours (8am-4pm) on weekdays if you need our services. Remember to ring the doorbell because our doors are closed at the moment.

  • Our office phone/WhatsApp: +358 443 826 561
  • You can contact us via Tamko.fi chat
  • If you are coming to our offices, contact one of these staff members beforehand:
    Elli, asiantuntija.tuutorointi(ät)tamko.fi, +358 44 082 6567
    Tomi, toiminnanjohtaja(ät)tamko.fi, +358 44 382 6560
    Hannastiina, edunvalvonta(ät)tamko.fi, +358 44 382 6562

You can also book an appointment from our expert of member services: https://bit.ly/34IMGJ8

4. Tamko’s board’s open meeting and traditional evening 11.11.

Tamko’s board’s open meeting and traditional evening is coming on 11th of November!

You’re able to come to see how Tamko’s board works and what we do. After the meeting, there will be traditional evening! The evening is a event where to get to meet new people, play games or sew overall patches. There’s also some of the Tamko’s board members to talk with and of course something to eat. Enroll here.

5. Mailing of your academic year sticker

Extraordinary times and pandemic require exceptional actions to make everyday life smoother. Continuing member, now you have the opportunity to buy the mailing for academic year sticker from Kide.app.

If your Students` Union membership has been paid for in advance for several years or you have continued your membership through Tamko’s website, you can buy this product and we will mail you an academic year sticker.

Please note that membership will be reviewed before submitting the academic year sticker. If you have paid for the membership by bank transfer, please send a receipt by e-mail office@tamko.fi , and we will send you your sticker in the mail.

NOTE! When your Students Union membership is valid you can pick the academic year sticker up at any time of the year for free from Students Union office. Tamko’s office Solu is open only by appointment until the end of November because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


As a Tamko member u may use digital student card which you can find from Pivo – mobileapp. In Pivo – mobileapp is

  1. Download Pivo, sign in with your online bank user identifiers and add your payment details.
  2. Open Pivo and select Student card and pick your organisation.
  3. Create a student card by following the app’s instructions

The student card requires a valid membership of a student union. More information about Pivo.


Tamko is looking for a cleaner (1) to take care of the cleaning of the Students` Unions sauna. Cleaning is mainly done on Saturdays and Sundays. The work is divided evenly between two employees. The salary is based on the visit, it does not matter does it take time 5 minutes or 1.5 hours to clean. If the cleaning takes a really long time, then there is a possibility of additional compensation.

Submit your free-form application by email toiminnanjohtaja@tamko.fi by Thursday 5th of November 2020. Further information: toiminnanjohtaja@tamko.fi

8. Self-Hack workshop January 2021

There will be Self-Hack workshop held on January 2021 for the new students of TAMK. Self-Hack is a one day life design workshop that aims to support individuals with planning a meaningful life for themselves.

At the moment we are looking for Finnish speaking facilitators to help out making great Self-Hack experience for incoming students. There will be new application period for English speaking facilitators next year. More information self-hack.tamk@tuni.fi

9. Dear student, how are you doing? Annual student feedback

Annual student feedback will be collected during the feedback weeks between October 26 and November 14. You will receive a survey by e-mail on Monday, October 26 from studentfeedback.tamk@tuni.fi. If you can’t find the mail, check your spam folder as well.

Your feedback is important! Please answer the survey!

More information: https://intra.tuni.fi/en/content/news/19658

10. Students’ health care service numbers in coronavirus questions

Student: if you have respiratory tract symptoms or other symptoms that might refer to a coronavirus infection please contact students’ health care services by phone.

Booking by phone for an appointment at Tullinkulma health care center (Hammareninkatu 7) on Mon–Thu at 8:15–14 and Fri at 8:15–13.

Degree programme: Energy and Environmental Engineering, Media and Arts
tel. 040 806 2454

Degree programme: Nursing
tel. 040 806 2459

Degree programme: International Business, Software engineering
tel. 040 806 2455

When the students’ health care number is closed you can contact Tampere city health services info, tel. 03 5657 0023 (every day at 7–22). More information: