Tamko Topics 43 / 2020

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

How to publish in Tamko Topics? If you wish to publish news considering students and student life in Tamko Topics, send it via email to Tamko’s Communications expert at topicsiin(at)tamko.fi. Deadline for the material is Wednesday for the next week’s Tamko Topics.

English Summary

  1. Enroll now for international and degree tutoring!
  2. Tamko’s office Solu closed until the end of November
  3. Tamko’s Council elections 20.10. – 4.11.2020
  4. Mailing of your academic year sticker
  5. Self-Hack workshop January 2021
  6. Customer safety and face masks in our restaurants and cafés
  7. New micromodules are starting at Y-kampus in November!
  8. Students’ health care service numbers in coronavirus questions
  9. Tolu’s weekly sports is cancelled until further notice
  10. Innovation Challenges are starting at Y-kampus on October 22nd

1. Enroll now for international and degree tutoring

Enrollment for international and degree tutoring is now on! You can enroll for international tutoring by 31 st of October and for Degree tutoring by 15th of November.

International tutors, application period 5th of October until 31st of October
International tutors are helping out new exchange students of TAMK. International tutoring is a great way to network and get new friends from around the world. You’ll get an extra point from international tutoring if you’re going to study abroad as an exchange student yourself. There will be two training sessions organized by Tamko during autumn 2020. Both training evenings are mandatory. Enroll here: https://bit.ly/36rrA34

Degree tutors, application period 5th of October until 15th of November
Degree tutors are helping out new degree students of TAMK. They are playing an important part in integrating new students to Tampere and Finland. Degree tutors will gain new friendships and study credits: sounds like a great deal, huh? The training aims to train foreign students to work as degree tutors with their Finnish peer tutor colleagues. Enroll here: https://bit.ly/2GtMX8W

2. Tamko’s office Solu closed until the end of November

Tamko’s office Solu is closed at least until the end of the November because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tamko’s office workers can be contacted normally on weekdays. Contact information: https://tamko.fi/contact-information/actors-contact-information/#staff

During these times it is extremely important that the students contact us if you need any help with your studies or similar themes. You can contact us from tamko.fi chat and also from the office email: office@tamko.fi

If you need help, don’t be left alone because we can help you!

3. Tamko’s Council elections 20.10. – 4.11.2020

Here are the candidates for Tamko’s Council elections 2020. We got 58 candidates this year, good luck to everyone who decided to stand as a candidate! Check out the candidates from here: tamko.fi/students-union/council/council-elections/

Electronic voting will be held 20.10.2020 starting at 10am and ending 4.11.2020 at 3pm. Ballot box voting will be held 4.11.2020 at 9am and ending 4.11.2020 at 3pm. NOTICE: Remember to check your junk mail if you haven’t got the voting link in time!

The electronic voting takes place via email link. The link will be sent to TUNI email for all Tamko members who are eligible to vote in the Council elections. Students who have joined Tamko during the Council elections will have the voting link sent to their email immediately after joining.

The ballot box voting takes place on TAMK campuses and the ballots are handed out at the voting place. Please note that student card or official ID are required to prove your identity for the election supervisor.

More information: tamko.fi/students-union/council/council-elections/

4. Mailing of your academic year sticker

Extraordinary times and pandemic require exceptional actions to make everyday life smoother. Continuing member, now you have the opportunity to redeem the mailing for your own academic year sticker from Kide.app: https://kide.app/en/products/0dd6f092-732f-418e-9512-6c697410599a

If your Students` Union membership has been paid for in advance for several years or you have continued your membership through Tamko’s website (https://jatka.jasrek.fi/en/tamko/) , you can redeem this product and we will mail you an academic year sticker.

Please note that membership will be reviewed before submitting the academic year sticker. If you have paid for the membership by bank transfer, please send a receipt by e-mail toimisto@tamko.fi, and we will send you your sticker in the mail.

NOTE! When your StudentsUnion membership is valid you can pick the academic year sticker up at any time of the year for free from StudentsUnion office. A Tamko member can use the student card found in the PIVO mobile application free of charge when using student discounts. https://pivo.fi/palvelut/pivo-student-card/

The academic year sticker is sent with the Post Plus sign, so the sender sees when the letter has arrived.

5. Self-Hack workshop January 2021

There will be Self-Hack workshop held on January 2021 for the new students of TAMK. Self-Hack is a one day life design workshop that aims to support individuals with planning a meaningful life for themselves.

At the moment we are looking for Finnish speaking facilitators to help out making great Self-Hack experience for incoming students. There will be new application period for English speaking facilitators next year. More information self-hack.tamk@tuni.fi

6. Customer safety and face masks in our restaurants and cafés

Please wear a face mask every time when shopping with Campusravita, standing in our queues, and paying at our counters. Remember also to keep safe distances and take care of your hand hygiene when coming to our Restaurant, Cafés and Shop. Do not come to campus if you feel yourself sick or having any symptoms of illness. Due to current guidances, there can only be 50% of the restaurant’s customer seating available at the moment, and it is not allowed to move chairs from tables. Remember to also put used face masks into the bin straight after use.

7. New micromodules are starting at Y-kampus in November!

A new series of micromodules are starting at Y-kampus, and the theme is sustainable entrepreneurship. There are three micromodules and each micromodule is worth one credit. You can choose all of them or just one or two.
The micromodules are done completely online, mainly through self-paced learning, using various online contents. In addition to the online learning, you will get a personal coaching session with the course instructor. The modules are completely in English. The micromodules are teached by Dr. Titus van der Spek, from the Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

Read more about the micromodules:
Being a sustainable entrepreneur: https://www.y-kampus.fi/fi/opinnot/sustainable-entrepreneur/
Sustainable business modeling: https://www.y-kampus.fi/en/studies/sustainable-business-modelling/
Measuring the impact of your actions: https://www.y-kampus.fi/en/studies/measuring-the-impact-of-your-actions/

8. Students’ health care service numbers in coronavirus questions

Student: if you have respiratory tract symptoms or other symptoms that might refer to a coronavirus infection please contact students’ health care services by phone.

Booking by phone for an appointment at Tullinkulma health care center (Hammareninkatu 7) on Mon–Thu at 8:15–14 and Fri at 8:15–13.

Degree programme: Energy and Environmental Engineering, Media and Arts
tel. 040 806 2454

Degree programme: Nursing
tel. 040 806 2459

Degree programme: International Business, Software engineering
tel. 040 806 2455

When the students’ health care number is closed you can contact Tampere city health services info, tel. 03 5657 0023 (every day at 7–22). More information:

9. Tolu’s weekly sports is cancelled until further notice

Tolu follows the Finnish government’s recommendation to cancel adults’ inside group sport activities, and therefore Tuesday’s weekly sports shift is cancelled until further notice.

10. Innovation Challenges are starting at Y-kampus on October 22nd

In Innovation Challenges, you get to develop and create ideas to real companies/organisations by working in a multidisciplinary team. There are 5 different companies/organisations participating in this period’s Innovation Challenges and they need your skills to improve their processes. The course is completely online and it is in English. The course is worth 5 credits.

If you want to show your skills and develop your team working skills in an online environment, enroll to Innovation Challenges: https://www.y-kampus.fi/en/studies/innovaatiohaasteet-2/