Bulletin from Tamko’s council meeting 20.10.2020

Tamko’s council meeting was held on Tuesday 20th October at 5pm in TAMK. The meeting agenda included updates from the board members and council teams, rule changing (the second round), commenting on group 35 plan, and going through the SAMOK meeting materials.

Voting for the council elections started today and last till 4th November.

Updates from the board members
The Chairperson and the vicechair met the new principal this week. They are planning an event for the board members where they make plans for next year. The SAMOK meeting is next week and that has taken time to prepare and organize. Last week they also had a meeting with our SAMOK contacts person. The winners of the “Tursaspassi” has been announced and rewarded. A new club has been established and approved.

Updates from council’s chairpersons and teams
The chairperson and the vicechair have organized council elections and taken part in different working teams. The fun-, culture- and sportsteam have been preparing a Christmas party in case its possible to host them.

Tamko’s rule changes
Concerns the same proposals that was discussed in the last meeting. The rule changes must be approved in two separate meetings and they were hence approved again.

Commenting on R35 plan
R35 is preparing next spring’s municipal elections. They made a plan for elections which council commented in the meeting.

SAMOK meeting materials
The meeting is held 29.-30.10. online. The council has once already gone through the materials for the meeting. The board has now gone through the materials and made necessary changes and replied to council’s commentary. The council has decided to approve the materials with a few changes regarding the YTHS change.

The next meeting is fall meeting on 10th November.

If you have any questions about tamko´s counsil don´t hesitate to ask!  

Chairperson Kia: edustajisto.pj(at)tamko.fi  
Vicechair Ronja: edustajisto.vpj(at)tamko.fi 
or if you have questions for the whole council you will reach us at: edustajisto(at)tamko.fi