Tamko’s Council elections for 2023 will be held between 26.10 – 9.11.2022. Twenty-one members are elected to the Council. All members of the Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences who are registered as attending and have paid the Students’ Union’s membership fee have a right to vote in the elections.

All members who have a right to vote may stand as candidates. The nomination of candidates has now started and it ends on 11.10.2022 12:00 AM. 

You can stand as a candidate by filling out this form.

Please note that Council’s working language is Finnish.

You have to declare yourself to a candidate list that you can run for the council. You can choose your candidate list yourself. Choose candidate list with people who has same values as you. Different candidate lists are organized by sub-associations. Don´t be afraid to contact them! If you are having hard time finding your own candidate list, we will help you. If you want to, you can create your own candidate list. If there is only one person at the candidate list, they have to get as meny votes as the most popular candidate lists persons together. Please note, you can only reprecent on one candidate list!

Working at Council you will get more out of student life. You will meet new people, make new friends and practice conference standards. All the decisions are made together, you don´t have to work alone! As as student you are an expert!

You can find more information about standing as candidate in council elections and other useful information about Council elections from our website: And follow our social media!