Let’s all work together to take care of safety and wear a face mask on campus!

We all have a duty to keep our campuses safe. After the Christmas holidays, adherence to the recommendations to maintain a physical distance and wear a face mask has been declining. We want to remind all the members of our community that we must all work together to create Covid-19 secure campuses where we can study and work safely.

Tampere Universities strongly recommend wearing a face mask in all the campus premises. It is important that campus users adhere to this recommendation. It is also important to keep a safe distance of two metres from others and practice good hand hygiene. Please only come to the campus if it is absolutely necessary. Stay home if you feel unwell.

We understand the prolonged Covid-19 restrictions are starting to take their toll, but by complying with the safety guidelines we can ensure that the facilities of Tampere University and TAMK remain open.

The latest updates and Covid-19 guidelines are available on the intranet. Follow the news on the intranet!