For a new student

Congratulations to every one who got a study place at TAMK! So, what to do next?

  1. Accept your study place from My Studyinfo and enroll as present student at TAMK.

2. Order your student card by joining Tamko from our website:
You can also download Pivo app where your mobile student card will appear.

3. Get yourself an apartment! Good places to look for a apartment are for example:
– Check out Opiskelijan Tampere website where you can find available. You can also look for a roommate from there!

5. Activate your TUNI-account

6. Enjoy the summer! We will see in August!

Check out Tursaspedia 2022-2023 from our website! It has information about Tamko’s activity and good tips for student life and studying at TAMK.

Read further instructions from: