Degree student: FSHS will produce your health care services starting from 1.1.2021

A new law on higher education students’ health care will take effect at the turn of the year. From the beginning of next year, the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) will produce health care services for all degree students of Finnish universities of applied sciences.

It is Kela’s responsibility to organise student health care and collect the health care fee, which every bachelor’s and master’s degree student has to pay. After paying the health care fee, students are entitled to use FSHS’ services without any separate consultation fee. In addition to GP-level medical services and dental care services, the services include individual follow-up and promotion of health, wellbeing and study ability. The health care fee is a so-called tax-like charge which has to be paid even if not intending to visit a FSHS service unit. FSHS’ services also include preventive study environment and community work at higher education institutions.

You can find further information on the change on FSHS’ website:
and on the health care fee on Kela’s website:

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