Bulletin from Tamko´s council meeting 31.8.2020 

Tamko’s council meeting was held on 31.8.2020 at 5pm in main campus. The meeting agenda included council’s and board’s updates, a rule changing for a student associations guide and going through drafts of SAMOK meeting’s materials. In addition, the council granted a resignation for a board member and gave a permission to set up a new limited company with Campusravita Oy.

Updates from board members
The board members have been going through the SAMOK meeting materials. They have prepared adjustment proposals to the materials for the council to process. They have also actively attended our orientational weeks which are now officially over. Tamko’s new website has been released and due that our email-addresses were out of order for a while. The board and the chairpersons of council takes over our Instagram account this week to introduce themselves.

Council’s chairpersons and teams
The chairpersons have attended the same things as the board. Our communications team is planning a certificate to council member to receive if they have actively participated. In addition, the team is designing an overall badge for council members only. Fun-, culture-, and sports team had no updates due to current situation.

Rule changing for a student association’s guide
The guide has not been updated since 2018 and therefore it was time for a few changes. Most of the changes were about the structure of the guide to make it clearer. You can find the new rule from Tamko’s new website.

Materials for SAMOK meeting
Multiple guidelines will be decided in the SAMOK meeting, for example strategy for 2021-2024. Sketch materials were processed and approved in the meeting.

Resignation of a board member and a replacement
The council granted a permission for Aino Partanen to resign from the board. There was a discussion whether the board needed a replacement; council agreed to fill the position.

Other decisions
Tutor responsible Aino Partanen has not participated in Tamko’s operations nor fulfilled her duties during August. Therefore, her monthly reward (80€) from August was decided to cancel.

The vice chairman of the board Jenni Tammenmaa has been doing extra work during summer for our new website. Normally board members do not receive a reward from summer months but due to work she’s done, the council granted her an extra reward of 120€.

Tamko is setting up a new limited company with Campusravita Oy. It serves Campusravita a possibility to expand its operations in the future. The council gave Emmi Lainpelto permission to be part of the founding process.

Remember the dates:
Stand as a candidate for the council elections during 16.9.-7.10.
If you have any questions regarding council’s operations or the meetings, feel free to ask!
Chairperson: edustajisto.pj(at)tamko.fi 
Vice chairperson: edustajisto.vpj(at)tamko.fi 
The whole council: edustajisto(at)tamko.fi