Autumn is the time for student events!
Tamko has listed some upcoming student events with the names of heir organizers: 

  • 30.8. Kisko-fest
  • 31.8. Bubirundi- pub crawl / Bubiklubi
  • 1.9. Haalaribileet- party
  • 6.9. Syysfest / Opiskelijan Tampere
  • 7.9. Tursajaiset- biggest event for freshmen / Tamko
  • 10.9. Asfalttisähäly – floorball tournament / Antura
  • 15.9. Sisämaaristeily – bus tour / Kolpakko, Source, Happo
  • 15.9. PISTOT-party / Pirate, TTO, TIRO
  • 19.9. Tolumppialaiset – sports event / Tolu
  • 20.9. Kaljamölkky / Sopu & Konekerho
  • 21.9. Student association and club day at TAMK main campus / Tamko
  • 22.9. Kolmiot -party / Inceds, Luuppi, Staabi
  • 6.10. Haalaribileet- party
  • 15.10. Tamko’s 110 annual celebration party / Tamko

List for things to remember as a new student or returning one:
-There is lots of events happening but no need to stress about taking part of every one of them. Participate to those that YOU are interested in and have time to go.
-Many events are cross-disciplinary so all students in the University Community can participate in the events. But check out event information.
-Easiest way to find information about upcoming events is to follow student associations’ and clubs’ social media and is app and the key to student events. It’s also where most event tickets are being sold
-Tampere has a rich student life, there is something for everyone. Events vary from alcoholic to non alcoholic events, sports, culture, internationality, gaming, etc.

We will also update the list of important dates for autumn to our website: