Welcome to the Council’s meeting on 25th of September 2023 at 4:30 pm in the auditorium E1-06 of TAMK’s main campus. All members of Tamko can attend the meeting. In the meeting Council goes trough current affairs.

It isn’t possible to attend the meeting remotely.

The meeting will be held in Finnish.

Meetings agenda:

§114 Opening of the meeting
§115 Organization of the meeting and state the council´s present
§116 State of the meeting legality and quorums
§117 Approve the meeting agenda for order of business
§118 Announcements
§119 Council chairperson´s news
§120 Board news
§121 The result of selecting a new member services employee
§122 Changes in the Council’s line-up
§123 Election of a new member of the central-election comission
§124 Election of a new deputy member of the examination board
§125 Election of a new deputy member of the Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) delegation for 2023-2024
§126 Capitalization of TCR-Palvelut Oy to pay the expenses resulting from termination of Market Trikoo
§127 New overall badges for the Council Election
§128 The orther emerge things
§129 Next meeting´s date
§130 Closing of the meeting