Council meeting was held on the 16th of August 2022 at the main campus of TAMK in auditorium E1-06. The meeting agenda included updates from the council’s chairpersons and board members, SAMOK’s federal assembly materials and subjects referring to council elections.


  • Orientation weeks
  • Market Trikoo is open!
  • Tursajaiset 7.9.
  • Tamko’s 110th annual celebration party 15.10.
  • Tuudo’s mobile student card

Updates from the council’s chairpersons and teams

Council’s chairpersons have attended to board meetings, morning and evening schools, taken part in the autumn’s Orientation weeks, attended to Principal’s morning meet-up and took part in SAMOK’s federal assembly meeting.

Teams are thinking some possible program for the Welfare and Advocacy Weeks.

Updates from the board

In addition to board meetings the board has taken part actively in the Orientation Weeks. Working group meetings have been versatile for example about campus development and events. Tursajaiset, Annual celebration party and anniversary blog posts have kept the entire board busy.  Tamko’s photography wall has finished, and it will be present in our events.

SAMOK federal assembly materials

Federal assembly materials are in the opinion round. The board and council’s chairpersons have reviewed the materials and made change suggestions to them. Many change suggestions were made to the materials, for example regarding the clarity of the text and grammatical errors. The chairperson of the board went through the documents and told about the changes made by the board. Things are not striven for, but rather developed and improved. The council also wanted to make a few changes to the documents.

Placing a candidate for SAMOK’s board election

Tamko’s board chairperson Joonas Soukkio has decided to apply for SAMOK’s chairperson for the year 2023 and applied for an official decision on this from Tamko’s council. The council supported the motion. The budget for campaign, travel and accommodation expenses was decided.

Theme of the Council elections

The council has to approve the theme of the council elections. This year there is no actual theme, but the aim is to make the elections more accessible. The aim is to get some kind of election machine for the elections. The council is also visible on Tamko’s social media and brought more to people’s awareness. The election registration form is being developed in such a way that the candidate’s own opinions can be brought out better.

Overall patch of the Council elections

It has been customary to give a badge to those who voted in council elections. One overall badge idea was nominated to the council, based on which the council had a discussion, made the changes they wanted for the model presentation and decided to order new badges for the council elections.

Council’s inaugural meeting

A new council is organized and the next year’s board is elected. The organizational meeting of the delegation will be held on Tuesday 22th of November 2022 at 4:30 pm.

Council’s financial review

The council inspected the financial situation of the council.

Save the dates!

Next council meeting’s date will be decided later.  

(Note that the council’s working language is Finnish.)