A council meeting was held on the 14th of June 2022 at the main campus of TAMK in auditorium E1-06. In the meeting, the council discussed current affairs and supplemented Tamko’s board.


  • Solu’s upstairs decoration (€3000)
  • Tuudo’s changes

Supplementing Tamko’s board

The council had opened on the 17th of May a supplementary recruitment to fill the vacant wellbeing and culture representative’s position in the board. Johanna Yrjölä and Riku Pitkänen applied for the position. Once the candidates had been interviewed and asked questions by the Council, Riku Pitkänen was appointed as the new wellbeing and culture representative.  Riku Pitkänen’s tenure begins on the 14th of June 2022.

Other emerging matters

  • As Riku Pitkänen had been an acting member of the council when he was elected to the board, he could no longer continue in the council. Jonna Sorsa was made a full member of the council as the second alternate member since the first alternate member had announced that they were graduating soon.
  • The council’s themes and materials for the upcoming elections were discussed. The chairperson of the council will have the situation mapped out by the next meeting.

Save the date!

The date of the Representative Council’s next meeting will be announced later.