The meeting of the Council was organized on 12th of December 2023 in Kauppi’s sauna. The Council discussed, among other things, the payment of trust officials’ fees and distributed incentive fees to active Council members.


 – Thank you for the past year!

– SAMOK’s spare union meeting on 15.12. at 13:30 onwards. Nona Wallasvaara, Eetu Korhonen, Linda Vallenius, Julia Väänänen, Minja Kero, Lassi Laakso, Riku Pitkänen, Saaga Mylläri and Erica Kinnunen will represent Tamko at the union meeting. The spare union meeting is organized remotely.

News from the Chairpersons of the Council
In addition to board meetings, the Chairpersons has participated in an owner guidance seminar in Tallinn, work supervision among Tamko operators and held meetings among the board chairpersons. The board for the coming year has been briefed and the last year’s running matters have been handled and taken care of.

The entertainment, culture and sports team has organized a final evening party for the Council among the last meeting.

Board news
In addition to daily operational activities, the board has participated in an owner guidance seminar and orientation for future operators. In addition to their own successors, the board chairpersons has trained the new executive director. Finishing the last tasks of the year and giving the new board a good start has colored the board’s last month.

Changes in the composition of the delegation
Mona Ristikartano, who was selected as a regular member of SoTen Valitut Palat list, graduated. The members of the Council must be present students, so Jetro Sukkela, the first deputy member of SoTen Valitut Palat list, has been promoted to a full member.

Opening of open applications for the student representative of the Degree Board for the 2023-2024 season and for the student representative of the education council for the 2023-2024 season
Kati Tuomisto has acted as a student representative for both the examination board and the education council for the 2023-2024 seasons. Kati Tuomisto will graduate on 15th of December 2023. Open applications have been opened and next year’s Council will decide the representatives at its first meeting.

Capitalization of TCR-Palvelut Oy
The early termination of the lease agreement for Market Trikoo has been negotiated and the cost is 25,000€, from which is deducted the rent advance of €6,324 and the rent equalization of 1,616.76€, a total of 17,059.24€ to be paid. There will still be additional costs from fixed costs, e.g. a few thousand euros for accounting and auditing. All other costs previously presented have been taken care of. There are no known expenses for the next fiscal year and the company has no further planned activities. The Council decided to invest 20,000€ for the expenses of TCR-Palvelut for the end of the financial year according to the ownership ratio, i.e. Campusravita 9,800€ and Tamko 10,200€.

Bonus and incentive compensation model

Tamko’s board of directors, employees and the Council chairpersons have annually received a bonus according to the incentive reward model in connection with the December reward/salary payment, if the membership target is met.

The Council approved the incentive compensation model as follows:

7,700 members – €100.00

7,900 members – €150.00

8,100 members – €200.00

In addition, if the turnout in representative elections exceeds

1750 votes – €50: this is a cost of €1200

2000 votes – €100: this is an expense of €2400

The Central Election Board is entitled to a voting bonus based on their activity.

In addition, Tamko’s trustees (Tamko’s board of directors and the Council chairpersons) are paid an additional bonus for active activities in addition to the usual remuneration, which means, in addition to their own tasks, very active helping others and handling common tasks with particular honor. The working committee makes these presentations to the Council , and the Council decides on the payment of the fees. These bonuses are paid at the end of the fall semester.

Remuneration of trustees
The remuneration of Tamko’s trustees will be paid in December for those parts that have not yet been paid during the year. In addition, some trustees are given additional bonuses for excellent work. The Council decided that Kati Tuomisto will be awarded 1,500€ for replacing the executive director and for additional work performed honorably. Julia Väänänen will be granted an additional bonus of 200€ for active participation. The board chairperson Linda Vallenius will be denied 150€ and Saaga Mylläri will be denied 300€ from their autumn salary. Reasons for denying rewards are, among other things, unfulfilled tasks that belong to their sectors.

Line paper for owner guidance
Tamko owns 80% of Campusravita Oy. Campusravita has started strategy work and asked the owner company for guidelines for preparing the strategy. The strategy has been worked on on the planning date of 13.11.2023. The board has created a policy document for ownership management and approved it at its meeting on November 11, 2023. The policy paper on owner control has been submitted for the representative board to read as an attachment to the agenda. The Council went through the policy paper on ownership management and approved it.

The other emerge things

Active members of the Council were awarded diplomas according to the incentive reward model.