Continue your membership

The continuing members can pay their memberships for the next year through Tamko’s membership register here. Paying through our membership register the payment goes straight to our register for us to see.

You can also pay the membership in our office, Solu (cash or credit card). There you also get the new sticker for the card.

Prices for continuing members

  • 1 year 32,00 € (reference number 2600)
  • 0,5 year 16,00 € (ref. 2600)

Members who haven’t paid the multiyear membership and wish to continue their Tamko membership can choose between 1 year payment and half a year payment options. Payment can be made at our office.

Please remember to bring the payment receipt with you if you’ve paid the membership fee to our bank account.

Here are the instructions for the bank payment to our account. Please remember to use the reference number. 

Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta

  • IBAN: FI32 5730 0820 2804 65

After you have paid the membership, please send us a receipt of payment since online payments do not automatically appear in our system. You can send the receipt to a following e-mail address:  

Student card stickers

The student card has a sticker which shows that the student card is valid. There are two kind of stickers: an academic year sticker and term sticker. New members will get their sticker when they fetch their card from our office.

Stickers are valid as follows:
09/2020 (year) purple sticker is valid until 30.9.2020
09/2021 (academic year) red sticker is valid 1.8.2020 – 30.9.2021
01/2021 (term sticker) blue is valid 1.8.2020 – 31.1.2021

updating your membership information

Here you can update and check your membership information.