The advance voting for county elections has begun!

The advance voting for county elections started today and Tamko encourages every student to use their vote!

Advance polling station can be found from TAMK’s main campus you can vote there Wednesday to Friday and next week on Monday and Tuesday between 8am and 6pm.The advance voting period for Finland’s first county elections is 12-18 January 2022. The election day is 23 January 2022.

By voting in the county elections, you will be able to influence who decides on your social and health care services in the Pirkanmaa welfare area for years to come. Welfare areas will provide students with all social and health care services that are not covered by the FSHS. These services, such as special health care, emergency care, and some primary care examinations, are needed by many students. This is why it is important that students’ voices are also heard in decision-making in welfare areas.

Read more about the elections and remember to vote: