Tamko Topics 6 / 2020

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

English Summary
1. We are seeking new Harassment Contact Persons for the Student Union!
2. Blood donation at TAMK 12 February
3. Tamko’s evening 19 February
4. Tolu’s weekly sports shift 4 February
5. HAPPO ry’s Talvirieha 6 February
6. TTO & TIRO Ski Trip 2020 18 February
7. Mahti Winter Sports Week 10.-16.2.2020


1. We are seeking new Harassment Contact Persons for the Student Union!

Tamko has had assumed male and female Harassment Contacts for years, who are students at TAMK. These Harassment Contacts provide help and guidance for students who have experienced disturbance in any form. We do not document these cases and the contact people have full confidentiality.  Bullying, inappropriate or discriminating behaviour are taken seriously in TAMK and Harassment Contact Persons are supporting students in these kinds of situations.

The chosen persons for the position will be trained for the part, so we are searching for emphatic, listening and reliable students of different Degree Programmes. We also hope for good written and spoken Finnish skills. Tamko´s board member and employee are supporting these Harassment Contact Persons.

If you are interested, send a free-formed application to edunvalvonta(at)tamko.fi. Application period is open until Tuesday 4th of February 2020. All applicants will be noted after this time. Read more about the activity from Tamko’s website.

2. Blood donation at TAMK 12 February

Once again it’s the time to give up some blood when FRC Blood Service comes to TAMK. On Wednesday, 12 February between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM, come to the main campus (building B next to the dining area) and reach your helping hand! This event is accessible, so you can get to the place with the elevator.

If you’re unsure about your eligibility to donate, you can take an online test here (choose “In English” in the top left corner) and the momentarily blood need you can check here. Bring your ID card with you, because a student card isn’t enough. You’ll also need a Finnish social security number so that you can donate!

You can also get a stamp on your Tursaspassi from the event!

3. Tamko’s evening 19 February

Welcome to play board games, sew overall patches’ and meet new people on 19 February at 5pm! You can bring some games, activities etc. with you. 🙂 Tamko offers evening snack!
You will get a stamp on your Tursaspassi from this event. Please note that the happening is non-alcoholic. Welcome to the Solu!

4. Tolu’s weekly sports shift 4 February

Tolu organizes a 2-hour drop-in sports shift every Tuesday from 5PM – 7PM at TAMK’s sports hall. We’ll play a different sport each week and on next time it’s going to be beanie futsal!

All TAMK students and staff are welcome to join, and there is no skill requirements. We just want to get you moving. We provide all the gear except for your sports attire and indoor playing shoes. You don’t need a SportUni membership in order to attend, just say to customer service desk that you’re coming to Tolu’s sport shift.

5. HAPPO ry’s Talvirieha 6 February

Christmas holiday is over and we are getting back to school routine. We have a nice little jump out of the school stress as Happo ry arranges their yearly Talvirieha (Crazy winter outdoor event).

So gather up your pals, dress warmly and get to Sorsapuisto on the 6th of February starting at 18:00. The happening will go on until 21:00, as long as there are plenty of energized people on the move! From Sorsapuisto we can continue our journey towards Ilona, where the Haalaribileet is held.

At HAPPO ry’s Talvirieha you can activate yourself in many traditional Finnish outdoor activities such as mölkky, kyykkä, petanque and etc. There’s also hot sausages available in reasonable price.

6. TTO & TIRO Ski Trip 2020 18 February

Wanna go skiing? Well now there’s an amazing opportunity to do it – for affordable price of course. TTO and TIRO are arranging a one day skitrip to the Finnish Alps aka Himos on 18.2. It includes bus transportations back and forth, ski pass and skiing equipment rental. You may also bring your own equipment. There’s 4 hours time for skiing and we’ll be back at TAMK before 22.00.

Tickets are available at Kide.App on Wed 29.1. at 12.00.

Price for members:

  • Bus 11 €
  • Bus+Ski pass 23 €
  • Bus+Ski pass+Equipment 34 €

Price for non-members:

  • Bus 16 €
  • Bus+Ski pass 28 €
  • Bus+Ski pass+Equipment 39 €

If you have any questions, please contact us: TTO – kuva(at)ttory.fi or TIRO – kuva(at)tiro.fi. There’s only a limited amount of spots and it’s freaking cheap, so be quick and make sure you’ll get yours!

7. Mahti Winter Sports Week 10.-16.2.2020

The Winter Sports Week of Mahti is here again! Tampereen Akateeminen Mahti is organizing its annual Winter Sports Week in 10.-16.2.2020. The week will provide both winter sports and popular indoor activities. The events are open to all the university students of Tampere – whether you are a member of Mahti or not! The indoor activities will be organized on the premises of Sportuni so be sure that your membership in Sportuni is paid if you wish to join, for example, the super-popular sock futsal.

Monday 10.2.

Basketball school 18:00-19:00 Atalpa
Indoor adventure park 19:00-21:00 Kauppi Sports Center (10€)
Climbing 19:30-20:30 Kauppi Sports Center (5€)
Trampoline 20:00-21:00 Kauppi Sports Center (5€)

Tuesday 11.2.
Archery tag 17:30-19:00 TAMK (2€)
Sock futsal 20:30-22:00 Atalpa

Wednesday 12.2.

Tour skating 16:30-17:30 Tohloppi (täysi varustesetti 10-15€, vapaaehtoinen / full equipment set 10-15€, voluntary)
Sauna yoga and glade 18:00-20:00 Tohloppi (2€)
American football in snow 17:00-18:30 Sorsapuisto

Thursday 13.2.
Downhill skiing trip 12:30-18:30 Sappee (transportation + 3h lift ticket totally 20€, board/skis 18€, helmet 5€)

Friday 14.2.
Cross-country skiing tutorial 14:00-15:30 Kauppi

Sunday 16.2.
Trail riding lesson 12-14 Luomajärven Hevoskievari (50€; departure from Tampere 11:00, return around 15)

See you in the Winter Sports Week!

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