Tamko Topics 34 / 2019

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

English Summary
1. Alkumetri 4 September
2. Tamko’s autumn campaign- win a 100€ S-group gift card!
3. Tamko office pop ups at Mediapolis and Proakatemia
4. Vaccinations of the students in the health care sector
5. Logging in to electronic services
6. PIRATE’s Savirieha 28.8. Wednesday 5pm
7. TIRO ry’s overall sale at Solu 25 – 27 August
8. Pi**uralli 18 September
9. CampusOnline.fi – Study wherever best suits you!
10. This fall in Demola: YIT, M-Files, Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management and more. Apply now!

11. Theatre Ääriraja is recruiting new members!


1. Alkumetri 4 September

Alkumetri is one of the four annual parties organized by the Students’ Union Tamko. The event is THE way to start your academic year, so be ready, be fast, and prepare yourself so you won’t miss the tickets! Our theme this year is Cyber Reality.

Pre sale tickets available from Tamko’s office (Solu) and mobile application Kideapp.fi (with service fee). We’ll inform you of the exact sales date in the FB-event! Ticket prices are 3€ for Tamko members, and 5€ for non member students. Doors will open at 10 PM and you can cut the line with the pre sale ticket before midnight!

Overall patches (first 550) will be given at the event so be fast to get your own! You also get a mark in your Tursaspassi so remember to take it with you.

2. Tamko’s autumn campaign- win a 100€ S-group gift card!

Tamko has launched its traditional autumn campaign. This year we’re raffling off 5 pcs of 100€ S-group gift cards among Tamko members.

Two gift cards are raffled among new Tamko members who have applied with an electronic application form and paid for multi year membership and the other three gift cards among all members of Tamko whose membership is valid on 1st of October 2019. So now is a great time to become a Tamko member or get your membership payment done for this autumn!

3. Tamko office pop ups at Mediapolis and Proakatemia

Tamko organizes Tamko office pop ups at Mediapolis on 17 September, 22 October and 19 November and Proakatemia on 24 September, 29 October, 26 November.  

Tamko järjestää Solu pop upit Mediapoliksella 17.9., 22.10. ja 19.11. sekä Proakatemialla 24.9., 29.10. ja 26.11. Olemme paikalla kello 9 – 13. Tuomme mukanamme opiskelijakorttien tarrat, haalarimerkit ja ajankohtaiset tapahtumaliput. Jos tahdot hakea opiskelijakorttisi pop up -päivystyksestä, niin ilmoitathan meille siitä hyvissä ajoin (vähintään kaksi päivää) etukäteen sähköpostilla: toimisto(at)tamko.fi. Tervetuloa juttelemaan, nauttimaan kahvia ja tietysti löhöilemään Solun sohville!

4. Vaccinations of the students in the health care sector

A student participating in practical work training in the work activity units of social services and health care must be protected against measles and chickenpox either by vaccination or through past infection, and those who attend infants should be protected against pertussis (Whooping Cough) by vaccination. Moreover, annual influenza vaccinations are required. (Infectious Diseases Act 1227/2016 48§) The required vaccinations are free of charge for students in social and health care.

Furthermore, students who are exposed to hepatitis B infection during their work training will receive the vaccine free of charge.

All the above-mentioned vaccines can be obtained at the Student Health Care at the vaccination times indicated below.

Place and times for vaccinations

The place for vaccinations is Tullinkulma Student Health Care, Hammareninkatu 7, 4th floor.

No appointments are necessary. The nurses call the recipients from the lobby area in order of their arrival. Further instructions can be found in the lobby area.

Autumn 2019 times for vaccinations:

  • Tuesday 20.8 at 12pm – 3pm
  • Tuesday 24.9 at 12pm – 3pm
  • Tuesday 29.10 at 12pm – 3pm
  • Tuesday 10.12 at 12pm – 3pm

The vaccinations will be continued again in spring 2020, when it will be possible to complement the vaccination programmes not completed in the autumn. At the same time, vaccinations for the newcomers will commence. The times for these vaccinations will be notified towards the end of the autumn term.

5. Logging in to electronic services

TAMK and Tampere University constitute a new Tampere Universities community (TUNI). You have two user accounts for using electronic services:

– TAMK user account i.e. TAMK account
– Tampere Universities user account i.e. TUNI account.

User account appear mostly the same and have same password.

Logging to most common services

  • PAKKI – login with TAMK account
  • PEPPI –  login with TAMK account
  • Tabula (Moodle) –  login with TAMK account
  • Email – login with TUNI email address
  • Intranet – login with TUNI account
  • Exam – login with TAMK account

Please find a list of logging in to different services on the intranet, IT-instructions. More information about logging in to electronic services on the IT-instructions page. More information: it-helpdesk(at)tuni.fi

6. PIRATE’s Savirieha 28.8. Wednesday 5pm

It’s time to welcome our new nursing students! Gather your new school friends, dress up and join us to have fun and get to know each other!

In Savirieha we have various different tasks and games, where you have to gather as many points as possible. the team that has gathered most points, will win. Winning team will get a price!

The place is TAMK Kuntokatu 4 and outside the school area if the weather is good. We are offering some snacks and drinks. Event is nonalcoholic. WELCOME!

7. TIRO ry’s overall sale at Solu 25 – 27 August

Did you get accepted to study engineering as a degree student at TAMK, one of the finest schools in Finland? Fantastic, then this message concerns especially you!

Have you wondered about the strange creatures, who have chosen to wear overalls of all things possible, wandering around Tampere? You have met the rare and exquisite species known as a student (Discipulus sapiens).

When on it’s way to a student gathering or a party the student puts on it’s overalls so it can evade the judgementful looks from people while crawling on all fours through the tramline worksites on Hämeenkatu. Afterall, a student is meant to relax sometimes during tiring studies. Going to student gatherings and parties the student also acquires patches that can be sewn to the overalls as badges of honor.

Engineering Students of Tampere TIRO sells these invisibility cloaks, more commonly known as student overalls, on the ground floor of Solu (L-building of the Kauppi campus) from 25th to the 27th of August from 10 am – 2 pm each day. When you join the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland you can get the overalls for a discounted price of 30 €. Joining is not mandatory, but the membership has added benefits such as insurances, advisement on employment and much more. Non-members can buy the overalls for the price fo 50 €.

More information about the overalls, their uses and other benefits can be gotten from your very own tutors.

8. Pi**uralli 18 September

Pi**uralli is here again! Assemble team of 4 and go racing from Laikunlava to Tampere’s exciting nightlife 18.9. Act fast, because there’s only limited amount of tickets! More info coming up later to Facebook.

9. CampusOnline.fi – Study wherever best suits you!

Missing some credits? Are you in a hurry to graduate? Interested in courses that are currently not available in your own university of applied science? CampusOnline.fi offers you the selection of online courses by more than twenty Finnish universities of applied sciences.

The course selection for autumn 2019 will be released on 12 August. The enrolment period opens on 26 August at 8am. NB! The enrolment period may vary between different courses. Check the course description for more detailed information on the enrolment date. Be ready as the most popular courses fill up quickly.

With CampusOnline, you can select courses from another university of applied sciences free of charge and include these studies in your degree. CampusOnline.fi makes it possible for you to study courses 100% online: simply enrol on courses provided by different universities of applied sciences and complete courses conveniently regardless of time and place – wherever best suits you.

The courses are free of charge for degree students (Bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree) and exchange students at universities of applied sciences and for path students at Open UAS. Other Open UAS students pay a fee determined by the university of applied science that offers the course in question.

Read more at campusonline.fi

10. This fall in Demola: YIT, M-Files, Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management and more. Apply now!

New semester being right around the corner, you have an opportunity to study in a totally new way. Demola has published new innovation challenges – join us to work with companies and gain study credits!

What the heck is Demola? At Demola, university students and professionals from leading companies work together in multidisciplinary groups to solve future challenges in eight weeks. We are looking for students from all study fields, as we have had students from media & arts to engineers and from social sciences students to business students. It is possible to apply to our innovation challenges locally here in Tampere or globally in all Demola locations. And as an icing of the cake, it’s all part of your degree program.

Why to apply?
– Meaningful working life experience and valuable addition to your CV
– The most concrete way to show personal skills and know-how during studies  
– Contacts with international companies – many students have been hired by the company after participating in a Demola project
– 5 to 10 credit points

Which companies are joining us? We have published a bunch of exciting challenges for the fall with partner companies such as YIT, M-Files and Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management. The last day to apply is Sep 7 and the course starts in Sep 16.

Change the direction of your studies and apply now here.

11. Theatre Ääriraja is recruiting new members!

Teatteri Ääriraja is recruiting people who are intrested in making theatre, whether on stage or behind the scenes, no experience needed! Our first practice is at D1-04 on wednesday 4.9. at 18.00! All are welcome! You can also find us on Facebook and instagram @teatteriaariraja

Yhteydenotot/contact us: teatterikerhoaariraja(at)gmail.com

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