Tamko Topics 18 / 2020

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English Summary
1. Tursaspassi new returning date 30 September
2. Tytti’s member service Teams desk 29 April
3. Ask about distance learning and exams through chat
4. TAMK’s May Day Contest!
5. Feedback sessions are continuing!
6. Seize summer job and internship opportunities: Econia presents for TAMK students April 28th (online)


1. Tursaspassi new returning date 30 September

Due to exceptional times, the completion of Tursaspassi passport (2019 – 2020) and returning it back to our office by 30 April will not be possible. Therefore we’ve decided to delay the returning date to the beginning of autumn term. The new return date is 30 September 2020 at 4pm to Tamko’s office member service desk.

Many of our (Tamko) and TAMK’s student associations and clubs’ spring events have been postponed to autumn. We will inform about our own upcoming Tursaspassi events when we’ve more information about the exact dates. We also highly recommend keeping an eye on student associations and clubs’ communication channels about their own upcoming Tursaspassi events. There are also about twenty different kinds of checkpoints and task in the Tursaspassi which can be done right after the restaurants and other places are opening their doors again.

Tursaspassi checkpoints and performance descriptions can be found from our website. If you’ve any questions regarding Tursaspassi, please don’t hesitate to contact us: tursaspassi(at)tamko.fi

2. Tytti’s member service Teams desk 29 April

Do you miss having your coffee break at Solu? Well, we’re missing you, dear students! If you’re having withdrawal from asking questions and joking with our member service specialist Tytti, then we’ve some great news! Tytti is working remotely in Teams and wants to hear all your latest jokes and will tell her own best stuff. Her level has remained the same even when we’re far away from each other.

Tytti’s Teams desk takes place on Thursday, April 29th at 3pm – 5pm. Join Tytti’s company through this link!

3. Ask about distance learning and exams through chat

TAMK will open a chat service for questions regarding distance learning and exams for students of TAMK and TAU starting from Monday, April 27th. In the new “Frequently asked questions about distance learning and exams” page you can find answers to the most common questions and chat with a study counsellor to ask general and technical questions that you cannot find answers for.

A study counsellor is available to answer questions from Monday to Friday 2 pm – 3 pm starting from Monday 27 April.

The link to chat can be found in Student’s Guide’s new handbook page “Frequently asked questions about distance learning and exams” where we will be adding more questions regularly.

Please follow these links to TAMK and TAU’s handbooks.

You can send more questions to be added to the frequently asked questions page through this Forms questionary. We are happy to recieve your questions but not all of them will be added to the page. If you need a personal answer, please come ask the question during the chat hours mentioned above.

The chat is aimed to help with general questions. Questions regarding specific courses should be addressed to the teacher of the course. Intranet and IT Services’ pages Student: Practical instructions for distance learning and Distance learning study skills have also been added to Student’s Guide and contain important information on the subject. Remember to check them out.

If you have questions, send them to us or come and chat! We are here to help!


4. TAMK’s May Day Contest!

The coronavirus situation has lately captured our attention. Working, studying and teaching changed overnight. All had to adapt to the new situation quickly. How do we cope with working, studying and teaching? We have surely created new solutions in order to cope and maintain our wellbeing in the everyday life.

Could we support our working and studying further? What new possibilities do we find? How could we ease our everyday life? Could we create new and mind-blowing solutions to our work?

So, the main thing is to create crazy ideas: Come up with new, open-minded and wild solutions in your team to ease our everyday life, studying and working. The contest will open on Monday 20 April 2020 and close on Friday 30 April at 16.00.

The contest has three series:

1. Staff
2. Students
3. Mix and match (students, staff)

Gather a group and come up with ideas. Do not reject or laugh at each others’ ideas but write them down. Any tools are allowed. You can use the enclosed Crazy Ideas example for your help. Note! You will be able to edit the attachment when you copy it to your own Google Drive (Files – Make a Copy. Do not ask for editing rights.)

Please send a free-form account of your idea to hankeviestijat. tamk(at)tuni.fi by 30 April 2020 at 16.00. You can also make a short video pitch on the idea, if you want.

The best and most mind-blowing idea of each series is awarded with a restaurant gift card. The winner can decide on the restaurant. The precondition is to support local entrepreneurship. An exciting May Day surprise will be raffled among all participants.

More info and contest rules can be found from intra.

5. Feedback sessions are continuing!

During the spring, the feedback will be discussed in each degree programme in students’ and staff’s joint remote feedback sessions to agree on potential development measures. Follow your own degree programme information about arrangements and remote participation.

More Information can be found from Intra and from the student feedback summary collected by the Education Development Services.

6. Seize summer job and internship opportunities: Econia presents for TAMK students April 28th (online)

Hey student who’s still looking for summer job or is interested in getting to know a versatile employment agent: now’s your chance to show your ability to take on a challenge and grasp work opportunities! Next Tuesday, on April 28th, TAMK and Econia will offer a presentation about Econia’s employment services and summer job and internship opportunities in e.g. seasonal work. During the presentation you also get information about their many other employment possibilities and instructions for applying them. Previously Econia has also had many workers who only spoke English, so international students are also warmly welcome to apply.

So please, come and join TAMK and Econia’s live online-event and ask more in the chat! Online-event will be organized on Tuesday, April 28th first in Finnish and then in English.

  •     Econia’s presentation in Finnish: Tue, April 28th at 2 pm – 3 pm
  •     Econia’s presentation in English: Tue, April 28th at 3 pm – 4 pm

Join the event via this link (the same link for presentations in both languages).If you want, you can already fill up the application form (in English) for Econia jobs. If you’re not able to participate in the live event, a recording of the presentations will be available afterwards.

Econia – Extensive business service and employment expertise. We offer a wide variety of different summer jobs depending on the applicant’s own wishes, skills, and place of residence. There are e.g. harvest season rescue missions in gardens and greenhouses.

Econia Personnel Services offers temporary work and temporary workers, recruitment services and vacancies. Through us, hundreds of employees are employed in various industries every year, both through staffing and recruitment. We work in almost every field from office work and demanding expert tasks to gardens and greenhouses, production, industrial work and trade.

We started providing human resources services as early as 1996. As a member of the Private Employment Agencies’ Association HPL, we play by the rules and take care of our employees.

If you have any questions before the online event, please, send us email: careerservices.tamk(at)tuni.fi.

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