Tamko Topics 16 / 2020

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

English Summary
1. Completing of Tursaspassi passport
2. Tytti’s member service Teams desk
3. Schedule for starting with the new course feedback system
4. TAMK student: If the current situation worries you, there is help available
5. Help fellow students – answer the Onnibus survey!
6. Feedback sessions are continuing!
7. One for Humanity: create alternative future scenarios for the greater good with Demola


1. Completing of Tursaspassi passport

Due to exceptional times, the completion of Tursaspassi passport (2019 – 2020) and returning it back to our office by 30 April will not be possible. Therefore we’ve decided to delay the returning date to the beginning of autumn term. The new return date is 30 September 2020 at 4pm to Tamko’s office member service desk.

Many of our (Tamko) and TAMK’s student associations and clubs’ spring events have been postponed to autumn. We will informing about our own upcoming Tursaspassi events when we’ve more information about the exact dates. We also highly recommend keeping an eye on student associations and clubs’ communication channels about their own upcoming Tursaspassi events. There are also about twenty different kinds of checkpoints and task in the Tursaspassi which can be done right after the restaurants and other places are opening their doors again.

Tursaspassi checkpoints and performance descriptions can be found from our website. If you’ve any questions regarding Tursaspassi, please don’t hesitate to contact us: tursaspassi(at)tamko.fi

2. Tytti’s member service Teams desk

Do you miss having your coffee break at Solu? Well, we’re missing you, dear students! If you’re having withdrawal from asking questions and joking with our member service specialist Tytti, then we’ve some great news! Tytti is working remotely in Teams and wants to hear all your latest jokes and will tell her own best stuff. Her level has remained the same even when we’re far away from each other.

First remote service Teams desk is on Thursday, April 16th at 3pm – 5pm. Join Tytti’s company through this link!

3. Schedule for starting with the new course feedback system

TAMK’s new course feedback system is put into service with pilot implementations on fourth period. Other course implementations use the existing feedback system. Teachers can use their own questions with the existing system.

In autumn 2020 the new feedback system is in use on all course implementations. You can suggest questions to be added in the question pool of the new course feedback system.

You can see questions already suggested (In Finnish mainly) and make new suggestions. Some more information about the change of the course feedback system is available in the end of semester.

Read more from Intra bulletin.


4. TAMK student: If the current situation worries you, there is help available

Go for a walk with the pastor
Pastor Jussi Houttu supports students’ everyday life by offering walks in the Kauppi forest. Contact: jussi.houttu(at)evl.fi, tel. 040 804 8403

Student health care
When you need conversational therapy or other support, you can call the student health care on Mon–Thu at 8:15–14:00 and Fri at 8:15–13. You can also use our contact form or Omaolo.fi survey. Our chat serves on Mon–Thu at 8:15–14 and on Fri at 8:15–13. More info.

Nyyti ry
Finnish association supporting students’ mental health. Check their website when you are worried or anxious about the coronavirus. https://www.nyyti.fi/en/uutinen/kun-koronavirus-aiheuttaa-huolta-ja-jos-epailet-sairastuneesi-koronavirukseen/

Check out Intra bulletin for more helping organizations.

5. Help fellow students – answer the Onnibus survey!

Hi fellow students! Do you have a few minutes to help our team by answering a quick survey about OnniBus?

We are doing a research on OnniBus’ customer experience and brand awareness, and your answers would give us important data. The survey is for students in Tampere region and no previous knowledge or experience about OnniBus is needed. The data collected will be handled anonymously and will only be seen by the team, course teacher and the representatives from the company.

The best part about this is that by answering our quick survey you’ll have a chance to win a free round trip ticket to anywhere in Finland with OnniBus! (1€ handling fee not included in the prize). Winners will be contacted in April-May.

Please answer to the survey by 19th of April. You can access the survey through this link. Thank you!

6. Feedback sessions are continuing!

During the spring, the feedback will be discussed in each degree programme in students’ and staff’s joint remote feedback sessions to agree on potential development measures. Follow your own degree programme information about arrangements and remote participation. More Information can be found from Intra and from the student feedback summary collected by the Education Development Services.

7. One for Humanity: create alternative future scenarios for the greater good with Demola

Dear fellow traveler, City lockdowns, travel restrictions and service shutdowns have revealed many underlying tensions within the humanity today. Demola has designed and published a set of bold and complex challenges and is now looking for passionate talents to co-create alternative future scenarios. Now, you have an opportunity to create the future you think the humanity needs. Join our interdisciplinary and intercultural online teams, co-create bold future scenarios and be part of the reconstruction.

Apply now here. Application period ends on April 15. Project timeline is April 23 – June 8.

The program is built around six themes, each consisting of multiple project topics. The themes are:

  • Planetary Emergency
  • Homo Sapiens
  • Technological Turmoil
  • Data is the new King
  • Time for Confrontation
  • The New Global Economy
  • The world is changing fast, and the only question is who will change it.

For more info, click the link or contact Heini-Marja Rintaniemi, heikku(at)demola.net

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