Tamko is seeking new Harassment Contact Persons


Tamko has had assumed male and female Harassment Contacts for years, who are students at TAMK. These Harassment Contacts provide help and guidance for students who have experienced disturbance in any form. We do not document these cases and the contact people have full confidentiality.  Bullying, inappropriate or discriminating behaviour are taken seriously in TAMK and Harassment Contact Persons are supporting students in these kinds of situations.

The chosen persons for the position will be trained for the part, so we are searching for emphatic, listening and reliable students of different Degree Programmes. We also hope for good written and spoken Finnish skills. Tamko´s board member and employee are supporting these Harassment Contact Persons.

If you are interested, send a free-formed application to edunvalvonta@tamko.fi. Application period is open until Tuesday 4th of February 2020. All applicants will be noted after this time. Read more about the activity here.