Bulletin from Tamko’s council meeting 6.10.2020 

Tamko’s council meeting was held on Tuesday October 6th at 5pm in Tamk. The meeting agenda included updates from board members and council teams, approving rule changes, making comments to Tamko’s strategy plan, and picking Tamko’s representatives to a SAMOK meeting.  

Updates from the board members 
They have started to sell places for recruiting event Portti työelämään for companies. They have started to plan the municipal elections with TREY. Tamko offers a class for getting a hygiene proficiency certificate (on 3.11.) for their members. They are also planning to offer a first-aid course.  

Updates from council’s chairpersons and teams  
Council’s chairpersons have been planning and executing marketing for council elections. The communications team coordinated social media days on Instagram where members of the council answered questions.  

Tamko’s rule changes 
Council approved a rule change for the first time. It was decided that also the vicechair will be chosen in the same meeting as the chairman and the board members are chosen. In the future a member of the council can, with compelling grounds, take part in the meeting from distance (e.g. home) due to current situation agenda of the meeting has to be sent at least for days before the meeting. In the beginning of 2021, an YTHS change comes into effect but international students are not part of it which is why there has been added a point where their health care has been noted too. 

Tamko’s strategy 
There is a new strategy for Tamko for years 2021-2023 in the making. The council members have now processed it for the first time and are starting to comment it. 

Representatives for the SAMOK meeting 
The meeting will be held on 29.-30.10. via Internet due to the current situation. Tamko has 15 votes. The chosen representatives are Emmi Lainpelto, Anton Kallio, Suvi Välilehto, Ronja Mikkola, Kia Kauppinen, Johanna Yrjölä, Jenni Tammenmaa, Emilia Surakka, Mikko Wrightson, Julius Setälä and Joonas Soukkio. 

Other matters 
Aarne Kankeri has informed to be no longer absent and has therefore continued as a member of the council. Tamk has chosen a new principal who starts in the beginning of the 2021.  

The next meeting will be held on 20.10. and the fall meeting on 10.11. Both meeting will be held on Tamk main campus. 

If you have any questions about tamko´s counsil don´t hesitate to ask!   
Chairperson Kia: edustajisto.pj(at)tamko.fi   
Vicechair Ronja: edustajisto.vpj(at)tamko.fi  
or if you have questions for the whole council you will reach us at: edustajisto(at)tamko.fi