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Tamko Topics 36 / 2019

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students' Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

English Summary

1. Alkumetri 4 September

2. Tamko Tursajaiset 11 September

3. Tolu's weekly sports shift 3 September

4. Tolumppialaiset 2019

5. PISTOT 10 years The Great Gatsby 12 September

6. NamiAppro 10 September


1. Alkumetri 4 September

Alkumetri is one of the four annual parties organized by the Students' Union Tamko. The event is THE way to start your academic year, so be ready, be fast, and prepare yourself so you won't miss the tickets! Our theme this year is Cyber Reality.

Pre sale tickets available from Tamko's office (Solu) and mobile application (with service fee). We'll inform you of the exact sales date in the FB-event! Ticket prices are 3€ for Tamko members, and 5€ for non member students. Doors will open at 10 PM and you can cut the line with the pre sale ticket before midnight! Overall patches (first 550) will be given at the event so be fast to get your own! You also get a mark in your Tursaspassi so remember to take it with you.

Official pre-event for the Alkumetri is Tolumppialaiset: sporty and hilarious non-alcoholic checkpoint competition! The event starts at 5PM and continues until 9PM in Sorsapuisto. Tolumppialaiset is organized by TAMK's sports club Tolu. Ticket options: Alkumetri and Tolumppialaiset combo ticket 5€, single ticket just for Tolumppialaiset 3€.

2. Tamko Tursajaiset 11 September

Tursajaiset is an annual initiation rite, where your status as a student in TAMK get's it's rightful measures.

We begin our journey at 12 o'clock as a big parade from Kuntokatu 3 main square (Main Campus) and together we head to Keskustori, where you'll have your rite of passage. From Keskustori the parade heads to the Golden Kingdom of Tursas, where you, recently assigned Tursa's, have the opportunity to participate in a checkpoint competition in teams. (Pick a witty costume theme for your team as there's also going to be a costume competition!)

The daytime event is free for all the new students, but the pre-sale tickets for the after party in Venue FL costs 5€ (7€ for non-members) or 7€ from door. If you happen to bring a "juice" bottle of your own, please make it plastic or aluminum one, Thank you!

All Tamko's events are strictly free of harassment. We have trained contacts also at Tursajaiset, so if you face any kind of harassment during the event, please do contact hairintayhdyshenkilot(at)

3. Tolu's weekly sports shift 3 September

Tolu is back from our summer break, and ready to get moving again. Every Tuesday from 5PM - 7PM, we organize a 2-hour drop-in sports shift, where we play a different sport each week. All TAMK students and staff are welcome to join us, and there is no skill requirements. We just want to get you moving. Our first shift is on September 3rd, and we will be playing futsal. We provide all the gear except for your sports attire and indoor playing shoes.

4. Tolumppialaiset 2019

Tolumppialaiset (The Tolumpics) is a yearly event in which people get together in teams and compete to win prizes by going to checkpoints and participating in athletic challenges. If you're new to the school and/or the country, this is a fun way to get together and get to know your fellow students. You don't have to be good at sports, you just have to show up and give it a try!

Tickets for the Tolumpics cost 3€ per person, or 5€ if you want to buy a joint ticket that gets you into Tamko's Alkumetri party as well. To be clear, all of Tolu's events are alcohol free, but the Tamko afterparty is unlikely to be. So if you think you'll feel guilty for going to Alkumetri, come join us and pre-burn off some of those calories. Tickets are available through our online store in the Facebook event, or at the student union office.

For more info on Facebook event.

5. PISTOT 10 years The Great Gatsby 12 September

PISTOT welcomes you to our birthday party on Thursday the 12th of September. PISTOT 10 years The Great Gatsby will be held at the new Social Club. Our party will celebrate the amazing parties of the 20's so there is no need for overalls. Dress fancy and according to the theme. See you there!

Pre-sale tickets 3€ and tickets from the door 5€. Pre-sale tickets available from, Tamko's office Solu and main campus' stands on September 5th, 11th and 12th.

New season and a new venue brings something new to the party as well. To make all of our time at the party more enjoyable, please leave your bags at home. This will make sure that no one needs to wait in line longer than necessary.  If you do take your bags be prepared to pay 2€ extra to leave them at the coat check. Costume ideas can be found on Punanaamio where you get 20% off from your purchase by showing your PISTOT party pass.

Check out more info from Facebook event. 

6. NamiAppro 10 September

NamiAppro is here again! The sweetest student event in Tampere will be held on the 10th of September at 1PM - 9PM, for the eleventh time. Get your tickets and prepare to spend your evening by visiting cafeterias around Tampere and buying something delicious from each of them! It's a great opportunity to get to know the cafeterias in town or for example find a new favourite place. The event is alcohol free, but a sugar high is guaranteed.

The more places you visit, the higher degree you will get: By visiting five places, you will earn a title of Bachelor in Candies, by nine places the title of Master of Sweets and by 14 places you will get a badge of Doctoral in being “stuffed”. Which degree will you get this year?

Tickets cost 5 euros each, and a ticket includes a map, badges and the after event at TTT-theater, which also happens to be the finish line of the event. The starting points this year are Cafe Linkosuo Duo, Cafe Kaisuli in Tammela and Ståhlberg Kuninkaankatu. The routes are published online on NamiAPpro's homepages ( Online sale starts on the 28th of August at 12 o'clock. Dresscode is overalls. After that tickets will be sold at all campuses as follows:

TAMK B0-17a / tue 3.9. / at 10 am

One person can buy two tickets on campus ticket sales and 10 online. Notice that only during the online sale and Hervanta campus sale you can buy all the maps available. During Center campus’ sale you can buy map with Tammela or Kuninkaankatu as a starting point and during TAMK’s sale Hervanta or Kuninkaankatu.

NamiAppro is organized since 2008 by Bioner the guild of bioengineering (Tampere University). You can check more information at and on NamiAppro's Facebook event.


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