Halloween board game night

Halloween board game night


Welcome to a Halloween board game night at cafe Taverna on Thursday 2 November.

The theme of the Board Game Club Kultti’s night is Halloween, so be prepared for scarily fun games fit for the theme. The night starts at 5 pm and you can play all the way to 10 pm. All members of Tampere Universities community are welcome to join!

The registration for the night starts on 30.10 at 5pm. We have five blood-chilling games to choose from, one of them in English. The description for the games are found through the link. Every game table has Kultti’s own game master helping everyone to understand the rules before the game is started. You won’t need any experience before-hand to join. After the game tables are reshuffled and we will try different games from Taverna’s large collection.

The entrance fee for Taverna in 3,5€ for students and 4€ for everyone else. The fee grants you access to the game library for the whole evening.

WHAT: Board Game Club Kultti’s Halloween theme night
WHERE: Board game cafe Taverna, Rautatienkatu 10
WHEN: 2.11.2023 at 5-10 pm
LINK TO REGISTERhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSevfbPFJ2DBW8GrHU0UIXyMifPuv85ZkGUv5vOYb3sbVH9Rlg/closedform

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