Tolu goes trampoline park

Tolu goes trampoline park


Tolu Goes Trampoline Park is here once again! Join us to jump and have fun in Kauppi's trampoline park.

In the trampoline park there are different types of trampolines where you can do some tricks or jump around with others. If the participants wants there is a possibility of playing e.g. dodge ball in the trampoline park.

You don't need to have experience of trampoline! Wear comfortable clothes because jumping around can get sporty. Socks are must equipment. You can buy non-slip socks for 3€ at the info of the trampoline park if the normal socks are way slippery.

If you have any questions don't be shy to email us or dm in Instagram @urheiluseuratolu!

When?: Thursday 4.5. at 17-18
Where?: Kauppi SportCenter
Price?: 10,5€


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