TITELAN Fall 2023

TITELAN Fall 2023

27.10.2023 29.10.2023

TITELAN! Tamk’s biggest lan event is here. SOURCE and CLINT have joined forces to organize this spectacle.

So grab your friend group to chill and play CIV from dusk till dawn, rushing to B site in Dust II or flex with your insane ice fishing skills in our Pro Pilkki 2 tournament. You can either bring your own laptop/PC or come chill and play on consoles.

Although it’s a lan event, there's also a possibility to take it a bit easier, for example in the means of a sauna.
The event is open for everyone, no club memberships required!

What: Alcohol free lan event
Where: Tampereen Tekunkatu 5, 33520 Tampere
When: 27.10. at 19.00–29.10. at 10.00
Tickets: https://kide.app/events/2a7f19b1-f856-457c-abfa-6a388e043d5f

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