Nausea Week #5 | Gambina yoga & power hour

Nausea Week #5 | Gambina yoga & power hour


We will end the week more relaxed with a yoga session.

To stay hydrated, we will take a sip after each movement.

Please bring your own bottle, whether it's filled with Gambina or a non-alcoholic drink, any drink is allowed.

The first yoga session starts at 4:30 PM and the second at 6:00 PM on Rosendahl beach.🧘

WHAT? Well, SoTaKone's Nausea Week, of course, with SOPU and Kuisti.
WHERE? Rosendahl beach
WHEN? 28.4.2023
WHY? Because you can always feel sick!

Although the week is meant to be challenging and induce nausea, the event is completely free of harassment. The event has its own harassment contacts that can be contacted in case of problems.
The official harassment contacts for the event are:
Sylvi Kokko,
Sini-Marjaana Ikonen,
Ida-Maria Forsman,
Aisha Prévost,
Juuso Alanko,

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