Kenttäapprot is coming again! Like last time Kenttäapprot will be seen again with hockey in Nokia Arena. Finns are known to be big hockey fans!

At Kenttäapprot, you can enjoy a hockey match in the Nokia Arena in the auditorium reserved for students, where all services are near to you! You get to enjoy top sports with your friends, party in overalls, complete appropass tasks and, of course, sip a cold drink!

Kenttäapprot ticket includes: Game ticket for the home match of Ilves playing in the SM league, appropass and afterparties. Afterparties @ Ravintolamaailma and Bricks! With the completed appropass, you will get a nice Kenttäapprot badge.

Stay tuned and follow our Instagram page! We will announce more details about the event later on Instagram.

WHAT: Hockey and fun! llves - KalPa
WHERE: Nokia Arena, afterparties @Ravintolamaailma and @Bricks
WHEN:  26.9.2023. Game starts at 6:30 p.m., gates open at 5 p.m.
PRICE: 15e

Take your friends with you and come and enjoy a diverse and unique student event! ticket exchange for match tickets, appropasses and extension wristbands:

More information coming to and Instagram later. Instagram: @kenttaapprot

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