Kalevan k*nnikierroksen mainoskuva

Kalevan K*nni Kierros 2024 (English info)

Kalevan K*nni Kierros 2024 (English info)


Morning is breaking. Badger feels warmth on his face and opens his swollen eyes to see the source of light... glaring floodlights?! Badger looks around bewildered, finding himself on an otherwise deserted stadium. Memories of yesterday's cheers and the familiar discomfort of being a couch potato start coming back to him. Declaring himself the Zlatan of his own life after "a few" drinks during the viewing party might have led to some close encounters with the astroturf. Badger's head is pounding, and his mouth craves hydration...

Fortunately, things aren't as dire as they seem! Badger recalls that the springtime Kaleva always offers a delicious selection of recovery drinks, including the star-marked hydration elixir. "Off to Kaleva!" Badger exclaims.

Join Badger in celebrating the ninth Kalevan K*nni Kierros on April 11, 2024! This interdisciplinary pub crawl event will introduce participants to Kaleva's taverns.

Tickets go on sale on kide.app on Friday, March 15, at 10:00! And the ticket price won't break the bank: 5.97€.

Please note that you need to exchange your ticket for a pass at the TTO booth.

Pass exchange on Tuesday, April 9th, from 10 am to 2 pm at the lobby.

What? Kalevan K*nni Kierros: Badger The Player

When? April 11, 2024

Where? In Kaleva, of course

How much? 5.97€

After-party? PISTOT (Ticket must be purchased separately)

Questions? viihde@ttory.fi

All our events are completely harassment-free, and any form of harassment or discrimination is not tolerated. Trained harassment contact persons, Netta (hairinta.netta@ttory.fi) and Rasmus (hairinta.rasmus@ttory.fi), will be present at the event, and you can contact them if needed.

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