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Tamko Topics 17 / 2019

Tamko Topics is a weekly newsletter of The Students' Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

English Summary

1. Exceptions to Tamko's office opening hours

2. Registration for attendance or non-attendance by 31 May

3. Job offer: QA tester intern

4. Dildo bingo 29 April

5. Search for the job event 24 April

6. Listing of 1st of May student events


1. Exceptions to Tamko's office opening hours

Tamko's office Solu is exceptionally closed:

May day (vappu), Wednesday, 1st of May

Ascension Day, Thursday 30th of May.

2. Registration for attendance or non-attendance by 31 May

To preserve their study entitlement, students have to register for attendance or non-attendance each academic year. Registration for the following academic year is made through PAKKI-desktop between 1.3. - 31.5 as a rule.

If a student neglects the registration obligation for attendance or non-attendance during the duration of the study entitlement, (s)he will lose the study entitlement. The student may apply for return of the study entitlement lost due to negligence of the registration obligation from the beginning of the application month. A fee of 50 euros is collected on processing of the application.

Check out more information here.

3. Job offer: QA tester intern

Traplight has new games under development, and we are getting ready for an exciting summer! Currently we are looking for someone to help us with quality assurance and testing of our upcoming games. Please read the job description below and contact us immediately if you think you would be the right fit for the job!

As a QA Tester you will be:

  • Carefully testing the game throughout the development cycle, especially before shipping updates
  • Communicating issues to programmers & support team
  • Verifying the bug fixes made by programmers
  • Communicating fixes to player support
  • Replicating issues the players are reporting
  • Organizing and keeping up the bug tracking system

What we expect from you:

  • Great social and group working skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Proficient English skills
  • Enthusiasm for games
  • Initiative, independent and hard working attitude
  • Knowledge of programming or game development is a big plus

We offer:

  • Paid 3-5 month internship and a chance of a full-time job later
  • An exciting chance to work in a growing game development company
  • The best team mates in the world
  • Central location: Traplight has the most amazing office in the heart of Tampere, Finland

Interested? Apply now! Send a free form application to jobs(at) with the subject “QA Tester - Intern” by 30.4.2019. Remember to attach your CV. We can’t wait to hear from you! Check out our website for more info.

4. Dildo bingo 29 April

Unprecedentedly voluptuous spectacle Dildo Bingo takes place on 29 April and fills up the hole on 1st of May range of events. The bingo is traditional but the prizes are a bit... different.

Prizes are sponsored by Maukaste.

The event and bingo are free of charge but with a cheap price of 3 euros, you can get magnificent and first ever 1st of May Dildo Bingo overall patch! Klubi's (Tullikamarin aukio 2) doors will open at 18:00 and the bingo starts an hour later, at 19:00. The event includes also some entertaining hosting, refreshments and of course, dildos.

Bring your friends with you and win some pleasureful prizes to take home, welcome to play Dildo Bingo!

5. Search for the job event 24 April

Hi student! Is your future working place still a mystery? Are you looking for some extra work alongside studies? Did you miss summer job recruitments? Don’t worry because the springs most laid back event for job hunt is here. Search for the job – event brings private employment agencies and students together. Come check out if there would be opportunities for you, connect with major private agencies and get some tips for the job searching.

Event is located in Y-kampus on 24.4. between 10-14. Stop by at any time. There is also a possibility to film your own video CV to boost your changes in getting your dream job. Welcome!

6. Listing of 1st of May student events

Dear English speaking students of TAMK! Vappu is getting closer! (What's vappu?) Well, 1st of May (Vappu in Finnish) is the biggest spring time event for students all over Finland. On 1st of May, students will crawl out of their winter hiding places and come together to celebrate the spring time. Check out these events and pick the ones you like and join the reveling! If you need more info, I'm happy to help!

- SportUni's Wappu-Bic 24 April

SportUni's crazy 1st of May sport event at Tamppi Areena (Korkeakoulunkatu 12). Group exercise hall: Fit yoga (in English) at 16 - 17, Combat (in English) at 17 - 18, FuncTR (in English) at 18 - 18.30, Stretching (in English) at 18.30 - 19. The event is free and open to all students and staff in the university community.  

- Kolmiot party 25 April

Tampere University student associations Luuppi, Staabi and Indecs' is organizing the last Kolmiot party for this spring. Tickets available later from  

- Dildo bingo 29 April

Tampere University's information sciences and interactive media student association UDK is organizing a dildo bingo on 29th April at 18:00 - 24:00 at Klubi (Tullikamarin aukio 2). The event is free.

- Students' Vappu 30.4.

Do you've any plans for vappu? If not, no worries! Union night club is having huge Students' vappu party and everyone's invited! Put on your silly party hat and bring all your friends. Tickets are now available at Solu with a price of 3€.

- Teekkari Dipping 1 May

Tampere University's first year technology students will swim in the Tammerkoski river at 13:00. Come and see!

- May's Student overall party 2 May

If you still have some energy left after May Day, this spring's last Student Overall party is held on 2nd of May at Night club Ilona. Tickets from  


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