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Tursaspassi Event Checklist

Event checklist 2018–2019

NOTE: Past events are crossed-out. Last updated: 7.3.2019.

Tamkon Alkumetri

Tamko's Alkumetri is THE way to start a new academic year!

Tamkon Loppumetri

The end of academic year deserves a proper party! This event takes place in April 2019, the exact date and place will be published later.

Tamkon Sitsit

Sitsit is an academic sit-down party where singing and drinking rules are an essential part of the event. Come to Tamko’s Sitsit to learn more about this student tradition that has lasted for decades!

Kerho- ja ainejärjestöpäivä - Clubs and Associations –day

On this day Tamko’s clubs and associations will present their operations in main campus (Kuntokatu 3, main lobby). Come to find out more about all activities and collect your Tursas passport stamp from Tamko’s stand.

Tamkon Tursajaiset

In Tamko's Tursajaiset you'll officially become a Tursas (freshman)!

Portti työelämään - Gateway to Worklife

Gateway to work, Portti työelämään, gathers together students and employers. Companies from various fields arrive to the main campus to present their activities. More information will be posted on Tamko's Facebook page. Collect your stamp from Tamko's stand.

Tamkon Pikkujoulut

Live-music, peaceful atmosphere, a plenty of students. That's what Tamko's pre-Christmas party is made of!

Tamkon illanvietto – Tamko’s evening

Do you need help or company sewing all your overall patches? Are you a master of board games? Come to Tamko’s evening where you can get to know new people and enjoy non-alcoholic refreshments. This event is held once a month and it’s is free. The next evening is 13th of March.

#EVVK (Edunvalvontaviikko / A Week of Promoting Students' Interests)

Who are the people who work for your benefits and interests? During this week you get to discuss with many people and organizations which represent students: associations, student union, labor unions etc. The event is held in April. Stay tuned for more information!

Todista olevasi Tamkon jäsen – Prove your Tamko membership

Flash your student card as a proof of your membership of Tamko at Solu's service desk and claim your stamp.

Hae tuutoriksi – Apply for tutoring

Tutoring is fun! Apply for degree or international tutor and sign up for the interview. You'll get the stamp from the interview!

Äänestä edustajistovaaleissa – Vote in Tamko’s council election

Council consists of 21 members who are all TAMK's students. Main duties include naming the chairperson of the council, the chairperson of the board and the board itself. The council also accepts the plan of operations and the budget for the upcoming term as well as validates the students’ union’s policies. It supervises the actions of the board and decides on many things, such as the rules of the students’ union and the amount of the membership fee. The council is elected annually in a council election which is held in November. All Tamko's members can vote! You'll get the stamp from the voting poll or Tamko’s service desk in Solu.

Seuraa Tamkoa sosiaalisessa mediassa – Follow Tamko on social media

Tamko can be found from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Follow our social media channels and you won’t miss any events or updates! The stamp can be collected from Tamko’s service desk in Solu by showing that you’re following us!

Verenluovutus TAMKissa – TAMK blood donation event

Blood donation in TAMK. Stretch your helping hand and donate blood to Finnish Red Cross. Donations will be held once or twice a year in the main campus. The dates will be announced on Tamko's Facebook page. The next donation is held 26th March.

Osallistu Tamkon syyskokoukseen – Participate in Tamko’s fall meeting

Participate in Tamko's most exciting meeting held in November. In this meeting the new board of Tamko is elected. Collect your stamp from the chairperson! The date of this annual meeting will be announced in Tamko Topics newsletter.

Hanki opiskelijahaalarit – Get student overalls

Get yourself a student overall! This is not a recommendation, this is an order. Remember to show your brand new overalls at Solu's service desk to get a stamp!

Käy liikkumassa TAMK Liikuntakaverin kanssa – Exercise with TAMK Exercise Buddy

TAMK Liikuntakaveri (exercise buddy) Facebook group helps you to find company for sporty activities. Arrange a get-together in a group, go do some exercise and don’t forget to stop by in Tamko’s office afterwards to collect your stamp.

Osallistu Tamkon edustajiston kokoukseen – Participate in a meeting of Tamko’s council

Tamko’s council meetings are open for anyone to attend. Meetings are held in Finnish.

Lataa –app ja rekisteröidy asiakkaaksi. – Download –app and register as a customer

1. You have to download the -app on your phone. You can find the instructions on

2. Log in to the app with your phone number and password or register as a regular customer.

3. From the top right corner choose "profile" -menu and choose "Edit account".

4. At this point the app may change it's language to Finnish... Click "Syötä kampanjakoodi" or "insert a campaign code"

5. Write TAMKO18 to the open field.

After all this, restart the application. Your now card (student version) will update itself automatically.

Pay a visit to Solu and show your new member card at the service desk to get the stamp!

Käy Sunnuntaipuuroilla – Attend Sunnuntaipuuro

Sunnuntaipuuro – Sunday Porridge is a Sunday club arranged by Fat Lady. Music style is NO STYLE! Collect a stamp from staff of the bar counter.

Syö ribsit ja juo hanajuoma Jack The Roosterissa – Eat ribs and have a drink at Jack The Rooster

Did you know that Jack the Rooster – the king of live gigs – also has delicious ribs? Collect your stamp from the counter when ordering a tasty set of ribs!

Käy Crazy golfaamassa – Go Crazy golfing

Play a round of minigolf at Crazy Golf on Puutarhakatu 21.

Käy Space Bowlingissa – Go Space Bowling

Play a round of bowling in Space Bowling & Billiards on Hämeenkatu 23, 3rd floor.

Käy Sticky wingersissä siivillä – Eat wings at Sticky wingers

Tampere is THE wings-capital of Finland! Collect your stamp by enjoying a nice set of Hot wings at Sticky Wingers!

Juo Nokian Panimon tuote Ruby & Fellasissa – Have a Nokian Panimo drink at Ruby & Fellas

Ruby & Fellas – Irish Pub & Kitchen has live music, tasty pub food and a wide drink selection. Collect your stamp from the counter when you order Nokia brewery’s drink product.

Käy Sikatiistailla – Attend Sikatiistai

Full house, cheap prices and talented DJs! The party ain't over until the Fat Lady sings; Party at Fat Lady on Tuesday. Stamp is collected from Fat Lady’s bar counter.

Opiskelijan Tampereen SyysFest - Opiskelijan Tampere's SyysFest

Fall festival in the amusement park Särkänniemi.

Osallistu alayhdistyksen kokoukseen – Participate in an affiliate meeting

Participate in an annual meeting of one of Tamko's affiliate associations and ask the chairperson to hit you with a stamp.

Associations taking part: Antura, Konekerho, TASO, Tawis, TIRO, Pirate, MusTa, Tarina, Sopu, SOURCE

SOPU: Osallistu SOPUn hyväntekeväisyystapahtumaan – Participate in SOPU's charity event

More information:

Tarina ry: Filkkaribileet

Tampere Film Festival arranged in Tullikamari.

MusTa ry: Käy konsertissa Pyynikkisalissa – Visit a concert at the Music academy’s Pyynikkisali

Listen to beautiful music in Musiikkiakatemia campus. The stamp is collected from the janitors of conservatory.

Tampio ry: Pimpla

Pimpla is an annual ice fishing event which is arranged in Kaupinoja public sauna every Spring. The date will be announced later.

TIRO: T-Itse labra

T-Itse lab is a traditional student bar-checkpoint round organized by Tampere engineering students association, TIRO ry. In this event you'll collect stamps in teams from different checkpoints scattered around the bars in the city center of Tampere.

Pirate: Pakoputki

Pakoputki -event is organized by the healthcare stundets association in TAMK - PIRATE ry. This event is organized annually right after New Year. Students are packed into buses and transported to the murkiest and most remote bars and pubs in Tampere area.

TaRe ry: Hakamettän Haalarilöylyt

Tampere is known as a city that loves ice hockey and that's why the students take over the hall of Hakametsä every year. Whether you are a huge sports fan or just love all kinds of student events, this is one you wouldn't want to miss!

Before the game a checkpoint circuit is held in which you and your team (maximum 6 persons) will be doing different tasks! The best team will be rewarded with a gift.

TTO ry: Hervannan Hum*la Hyppely

Pubcrawl in f***ing Hervanta. This event will not offer you bullshit, but will give you an opportunity to join to a great drinking round around the mysterious Hervanta. Cut the crap and join!

Osallistu Tamkon kerhon tapahtumaan – Participate in an event by Tamko’s club

Participate in an event organized by one of Tamko's clubs. The clubs announce their events themselves, so remember to follow your favorite clubs in Facebook! You can find a list of clubs from:

Bubiklubin Bubivisa

Participate in Bubiklubi's pubquiz in Kaijakka and ask one of the organizers to hit you with a stamp! More info from Bubiklubi’s Facebook

Happo: Talvirieha

In HAPPO’s annual Talvirieha you'll get to spend time among a variety of different outdoor sports.

Antura: Kaamoksentorjunta

Antura’s annual event to prevent the darkness of polar nights from hitting you. This year the event is held 21st March.

Bubiklubin Mallasrundi

Bubiklubi’s Mallasrundi© is a pub crawl that takes its participants through numerous Tampere based pubs who are serving their premium craft beers/ciders etc. at a student friendly price tag.


Sopu, TaRe and Konekerho organizes a checkpoint round open to everyone. Round will be held annually in September.


Monthly party arranged in Work & Leisure Club Union. The next PISTOT party takes place 14th March.

CLINTin tapahtuma – An event by CLINT

Every year CLINT organizes plenty of events for exchange and other international-minded students. Find the upcoming events from Facebook:

Osallistu Bubirundille – Participate in the Bubirundi

Pub crawl around Tampere arranged by Bubiklubi.

SoTaKone kyykkä

Gather your team and go enjoy the famous student game of Kyykkä. Located in the parking area of legendary Hakametsä ice hall. The event is free.

Vieraile Tarkan taidenäyttelyssä – Visit Tarkka’s art exhibition

The student association of TAMK’s construction architects held their art exhibition in Bar Bertel.

TOLU: Tolun vakiovuoro – Tolu’s weekly intramural sports

The sports club Tolu ry organizes sporty activities in ball games hall (SportUni’s gym, located in L-building of main campus) every Tuesday. Participate in three games to get the stamp! More information:


TiTeLAN is an esports event arranged by SOURCE. The date is annouced later.

TASO ry:n tapahtuma  - TASO's event

More information of TASO’s events:

Tolun tapahtuma – Tolu's event

Tolu ry also arranges a variety of other sportful events during the academic year. You'll get this stamp by attending one of these events.  

SYNTAKSI ry: Animeilta - SYNTAKSI: Anime evening

Are you interested in Japanese Anime? Would you like to find another similar-minded friends? SYNTAKSI arranges anime nights during the academic year. Follow them on social media to find out more!

Käy katsomassa Teatteri Äärirajan näytelmä – A play by Teatterikerho Ääriraja

Come and see a play by the theater club Ääriraja. Claim your stamp while buying your ticket.

Y-kampus: Nuoret onnistujat – Y-Campus: Young achievers

Boost your semester and come to Y-Kampus Kauppi to the annual Young Achievers to hear amazing stories from Perttu Pölönen and Reetta Keränen.

After this event we will have a great afterparty in Y-kampus Kauppi to celebrate our new improved premises. Matchmaking, networking, coffee and snacks are the agenda of the evening.

Lataa Pivo-mobiiliopiskelijakortti – Download Pivo mobile student card

PIVO mobile student card is available for Tamko members. It works just like a regular student card - by showing the mobile app you get all the same benefits.

You can download PIVO from app store (Google Play or AppStore). Activate student card from loyalty programs. You need your TAMK username for the activation. Claim your stamp from Tamko’s service desk by showing your mobile student card.


Lataa Tuudo– Download Tuudo

Tuudo is a mobile app for higher education students. Through Tuudo, you have access to important information and functions such as schedules, courses, maps, food menus etc. So, download the app and log in with your TAMK username and password. Claim your stamp from Tamko’s service desk by showing the app.


Lataa TAMK Events – Download TAMK Events

Unfortunately the app is no longer in use.

Käy Pääkampuksen kirjastossa – Visit the main campus library

Visit the library on main campus to collect this stamp.

Käy Pyynikin kampuksella – Visit Pyynikki campus

Pay a visit to Pyynikki campus. You can collect your stamp from the info-desk. To avoid waiting, recommended time of stamp collection is at least one hour before closing time to avoid waiting.

Käy Mediapoliksen kampuksella – Visit Mediapolis campus

Pay a visit to Mediapolis campus. You can collect your stamp from the info-desk.

Vieraile Opiskelijan Tampereen toimistolla - Visit Opiskelijan Tampere office

Mass is power – that’s the reason why students in Tampere stick together. Visit the office of Student’s Tampere and ask for a stamp.

Vieraile Tamyn toimistolla – Visit Tamy’s office

Mass is power – that’s the reason why students in Tampere stick together. Visit the office of Tamy and ask for a stamp.

Vieraile Treyn (TTYYn) toimistolla – Visit TTYY’s office

Mass is power – that’s the reason why students in Tampere stick together. Visit the office of Trey and ask for a stamp.

Osallistu ryhmäliikuntatunnille TAMKin liikuntakeskuksessa – Participate in a group exercise class at TAMK’s rec center

The schedule of group exercise classes can be found from here:

Urheile Kaupin kuntosalilla - Visit Unipoli Sport's TAMK campus gym

See the opportunities provided by SportUni. More information:

Feel Good, Feel Safe

At Feel Good, Feel Safe event you can learn more about welfare and safety, and hear more about our associates’ products and services. The event aims to give tools and information in safety, health and welfare for everyday life. Feel Good, Feel Safe event is held in the main campus of TAMK in Kuntokatu 3.

Käy yksillä Bar Studiolla – Have a drink at Bar Studio

Did you know that there is a restaurant run by students in TAMK? Grab a drink from Bar Studio and collect your stamp while making the payment.

Osta opiskelutarvike Campus Shopista – Buy a student utensil from Campus Shop

Buy a school supply from Campus-shop next to the Campus Café in the main building. Remember to ask the cashier for the stamp.

Nauti aamiainen Campusravitan ravintolassa – Enjoy breakfast at Campusravita

Enjoy a breakfast at Campusravita and collect your stamp from the cashier.

Bonus 1-3

Bonuses will be informed by Tamko when they are confirmed. Stay tuned!