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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who can order a student card?

All TAMK students can get a student card except those who study in Open University of Applied Sciences. Read the terms of different student cards carefully to see which card you can order.

I am working alongside my studies, can I get AMK student card or Tamko membership card?

Yes you can, if you still meet all the requirements of AMK student card or Tamko membership card. You can check the student card terms here.

Can I order student card before my studies begin?

Yes – it is highly recommended that you order your card right after you have confirmed your study place to avoid delays and make sure you have the card when your studies begin.  

My student card is broken/lost. What should I do?

You can ask for lost and found student cards from info desk next to main entrance (G-building) or janitors (B-lobby) in Kuntokatu campus.  If you still can’t find it, please contact Tamko office. We will order you a new card. The member is responsible of the expenses of ordering the new card.

I can’t make it to Tamko office to pick up the new sticker. What should I do?

If you have already paid for it, someone else can bring your card to office to get the new sticker. Alternatively, you can also send your card to Tamko office via mail. Remember to include envelope with post stamp for sending the card back to you. We never post only stickers.

I have paid multi-year membership but registered absent. Do I have to pay for the absence period or can I postpone the membership?

You can postpone your membership fees if you inform Tamko beforehand. Then you don’t pay for membership during your absence period. Note that the registration of attendance in TAMK is not enough, you have to inform Tamko separately.

I have graduated from TAMK. Can I get a new sticker?

When the terms of student card are not fulfilled, you are no longer eligible to use the card or get a new sticker. If you have paid membership fees for upcoming semesters, contact Tamko for membership fee refund. Note that membership fees won’t be refunded afterwards.

I continue my studies in another school but have already paid multi-year membership of Tamko. Can I get a new sticker?

Tamko can’t give stickers to members of other Students' Unions. Order a new student card from your future study place. Contact Tamko to resign and apply for refund of membership fee. Membership fees can’t be transferred between different Students' Unions.

I have ordered student card but haven’t received it yet. I would like to get a student discount from a train trip. What should I do?

In order to get student discount in public transport, you need to prove your eligibility with a certain certificate. These documents are written by TAMK’s study affairs coordinators. Study affairs coordinators offices are located in the service street of B-building. You can turn to any study affairs coordinators in study related issues regardless your campus or degree programme.

Where can I get student overalls?

If you're an exchange student, you can buy blue and white (the colours of Finnish flag) exchange student overalls provided by Tamko's club CLINT (Club International Tampere) from Tamko's office Solu. Every degree programme also has their own color of student overalls. Those are provided by the subject association of each degree programme. Contact your tutor or the subject association for more information!

I filled out and send a Tamko membership application, but my Pivo mobile student card won't work. What can I do?

Pivo is checking these things before it starts to work:

a.) That you're a Tamko member. You're a Tamko member when our member service has accepted your application and when you've paid the Tamko membership fee. Our member service is accepting new membership applications only on our office hours. So if you've send your application during the weekend, your application is going to be accepted on Monday. For new members (after the member application is accepted) it takes about 24 hours before the Pivo starts to work. (You will not get any message about the membership application acceptance). 

b.) Your study entitlement. Pivo checks from TAMK's system that your study entitlement is ok. 

I accidentally ordered a wrong student card. What can I do?

Please let us know about it right away by sending us a message to: office(at) We might still have a chance to change the card type before sending your application to the card maker. You can check the terms for the student cards from here.

I filled out the Tamko membership application online, but didn't get any confirmation message. Has my application arrived to Tamko?

Yes, we've received your application. Unfortunately our current member application system doesn't send any messages to the applicants. When you've filled out the member application and clicked "Send" -button, a "Thank you for your application" -message should appear on the screen. This is the only message that you will receive. The only message that we will send is an email to your TAMK email address when your card has arrived to our office. 

More information from Tamko office: