In the spotlight: Nhung from CLINT


Heyaa! Nhung Duong is the name; Hanoi, Vietnam born and raised. As I have been just nerdily writing reports in scientific expressions, this self-intro piece is pretty difficult to compose.

To open this post, I will be introducing myself as a dedicated student majoring in Energy and Environmental Engineering in TAMK. I sincerely care about the environment but unfortunately, I am no longer a vegetarian. I believe in climate change and and I love dogs. This is not an election campaigning speech so I will not go into details in trying to win anyone over.

Officially, I have been a part of the club from Spring 2014 and have been (more or less) working for different positions. I started out as an Event Coordinator because it was what I always wanted to try. The ride had been an interesting experience as I, together with the CLINT fellows, was able to help with organizing the events for exchange students and tutors. The best part about it was being able enjoy what I have contributed as well as the positive participation of others. Later on, in Autumn 2016, I moved from Event Coordinator to Survival Kits Coordinator. This change has been a challenging yet refreshing experience for me so far. If all goes well (hopefully), we will have the kits available for you by next spring.

How did I end up in CLINT? Simply because I was being extremely social and active. I wanted to be a helping hand to foreigners coming to Finland and to internationally connect with people. Trust me, I have been having loads of fun with CLINT (minus the responsibilities at some point when you are loaded with works). Therefore, if you feel like what I did, do not hesitate and give us a hand in building a better forum for the exchange students and tutors! As to wrap it up, if this sounds like the normal motivational recruiting ad to you, it is and I am not going to lie.


On a side note, in case of having questions or comments, please just email me, or go to our Facebook page!


Thanks and looking forward to seeing your applications!



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