Mr. Sami Kaita’s tells about his international tutoring experiences

Sami Kaita, Tamko’s international tutor, promised to tell about his tutoring experiences. We managed to slip some questions to him under the door. Here are his answers:

Why did you applied to become and International tutor?

I became an International tutor, because I am a very social person and wanted to help out new International Students of TAMK. Living abroad for a year showed me that even the simplest things can be very different abroad (i.e. how the locks around the house work.. 😅). Finnish culture is also very different and people might seem very cold and distant at first. It’s nice to give a warm and open welcome and turn the tables around when ES’s arrive to the land of pitch-black and pure white.  Also the extra credit for applying for exchange is a nice plus!

What’s the best part of tutoring?

The best part… well, it’s always, without lying, the new people you get to meet from different parts of the world. :) During tutoring you get to make new friends and connections. It’s great to be part of the exchange experience of the students, many have fallen in love with the country and it’s great to create positive image of Finland, Tampere and TAMK at the same time.

What’s your tip for future generation of tutors?

Be bold, be you and have fun! Life doesn’t always have to be too serious, don’t be afraid to make mistakes – it’s usually much more fun to laugh at something later on than miss all the fun with too much worrying. And if there’s a problem – just shout it out and we’ll all pitch in to make it work! :)


Thanks, Sami! Application period for International tutoring will end on 26th of October. Are you interested? Go and apply here!


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